Portable Concrete Pump

What is Portable Concrete Pump? Portable concrete pump, same as mobile concrete pump, is designed to be moved easily among construction sites. Therefore, it is popular among global customers. Well, Aimix also has supplied portable concrete pumps for customers. The pumps are highly praised by users. Because it has obvious advantages of compact design, convenient movement, broad application, and stable performance. Aimix has exported many sets of the portable concrete pumper and portable concrete mixer with pump all over the world. Until now, all of them are in good condition.

AIMIX ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump Working in Papua, Indonesia

ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump in Indonesia

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump At Construction Site in Indonesia
Pumping Concrete in Indonesia
Pumping Concrete in Indonesia

ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 40
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:40mm

Application fields:

The small portable concrete pump trailer with chassis and flexible tires is movable on the construction site. It can be applicable for various kinds of urban and rural construction projects, such as houses, buildings, bridges, tunnels, roads, harbors……

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    How Many Kinds of Aimix Portable Concrete Pumps For Sale?

    In Aimix Group, we mainly offer customers trailer-mounted concrete pumps. Compared with those stationary concrete pumps that cannot be moved, our portable cement pump for sale can be driven to different sites by motor tractors. The portable pumps greatly reduce the resistance in the process of transitions. Thus, it has a great attraction to those projects which have to change particular construction sites. You can check its classifications first.

    A. Portable Concrete Mixer And Pump

    Portable concrete mixer and pump is an integrative concrete pumping machine, which is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump. According to the engine, we divide it into diesel portable cement mixer and pump and electric portable concrete mixing pump for sale. In terms of capacity, there are 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h for selection. If you need its price, just leave a message about your requirements for a portable concrete mixer pump for sale through our web page, then our sale will reply to you soon.

    ABJZ30C Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

    ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer Pump Capacity: 30(m3/h)

    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):30 M3/h
    • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
    • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:400 m
    • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:20 mm
    • Total weight:5500 kg

    ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump

    ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):40 M3/h
    • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:150 m
    • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:600 m
    • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:40 mm
    • Total weight:6000 kg

    ABJZ30D Electric Portable Mixer Pump

    ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Capacity: 30(m3/h)

    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):30 M3/h
    • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
    • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:300 m
    • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:20 mm
    • Total weight:2300 kg

    ABJZ40D Portable Concrete Pump

    ABJZ40D Electric Mixer Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):40 M3/h
    • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
    • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:500 m
    • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:40 mm
    • Total weight:4500 kg

    B. Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

    Diesel portable concrete line pump refers to diesel trailer concrete pump, which is mounted on chassis. Movement can realize through trailer or tractor dragging. It is motored by diesel engine. Therefore, it has stable performance and long service life. For diesel ones, we can offer 40 m3/h, 60m3/h and 80 m3/h, which are named after ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C.

    Portable Concrete Pumper

    ABT40C Diesel Portable Pump

    ABT60C Portable Pump

    ABT60C Diesel Portable Cement Pump

    ABT80C Concrete Pump Portable

    ABT80C Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

    C. Electric Portable Concrete Pump

    Electric concrete pump is widely applicable for areas where electricity is sufficient. Customers must be clear of the pump working environment. Same as diesel concrete portable pump capacity, 40 m3/h ~ 80 m3/h is possible in Aimix Group. In addition, we can customize some capacity for customers, such as 30, 50, 80 and 90 m3/h. Welcome to consult us details right now! Email: market11@aimixgroup.com.

    ABT40D Electric Portable Concrete Pump

    ABT40D Electric Portable Pump

    ABT60 Electric Portable Concrete Pump Machine

    ABT60D Electric Concrete Pump


    ABT80D Electric Concrete Pump

    Which Countries In the World Have AIMIX Portable Concrete Pumps Working ?

    Up to now, Aimix has exported more than 300 sets of portable concrete pumps for sale all over the world. Exporting countries include Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Chile, Singapore, Burma, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Spain, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Egypt, Namibia, etc. Therefore, you needn’t worry about its quality and service. We can guide you to visit portable cement pumps on any construction sites near you if possible. We have built branch offices and LBS centers for providing considerate service to clients.

    ABT40C Mini Portable Concrete Pump Working in Papua, Indonesia

    In July 2021, the customer in Indonesia sent us some videos of AIMIX concrete pumps working at the construction site. From the portable concrete pump video, we can learn that the mobile concrete pump is used for building construction projects. The 40 m3/h capacity is suitable for the project. Check some videos and pictures here.

    Philippines Customer Feedback on AIMIX ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Working At Site

    In July 2021, the Philippines customer sent us some working videos and photos of the AIMIX ABJZ40C small diesel portable concrete mixer pump. He thought highly of the portable pumpcrete. Because he bought the concrete pumps many times in AIMIX Group. He trusted us and our equipment!

    ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump In the Philippines

    ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Pump in Philippines

    ABJZ40C Diesel Portable Concrete Pump

    ABJZ40C Diesel Portable Concrete Mixer with Pump in Indonesia

    The customer in Indonesia has sent us the complete video of from receiving the small portable concrete pumping machine to using it. He highly praised for our small concrete pump for sale. It has greatly improved working efficiency. The customer said that he would buy another diesel engine portable mixer with pump in the future!

    AIMIX Portable Concrete Pump in Indonesia
    ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Pump in Indonesia
    ABJZ40C Portable Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Indonesia

    ABT60C Concrete Pump Portable Working in Indonesia

    Aimix ABT60C portable diesel concrete pump has started to be used normally in Indonesia. Customers are satisfied with our equipment, which has greatly improved work efficiency. In addition, it has a long life and stable performance.

    ABT40C Portable Pump Concrete Working in Myanmar

    In May 2020, The ABT40C diesel mini concrete pump was working normally in Myanmar, for urban building construction projects. It can help save a lot of time, labor, and cost.

    ABT40C Portable Concrete Pump Working in Myanmar

    Diesel Pump working in Burma

    ABT40C Diesel Portable Concrete Pump Working on Site

    What Are Advantages Of Aimix Portable Concrete Pumps?

    Compact Design and High-quality Materials

    Portable cement pump has a compact design. On one hand, it occupies less land occupation, on the other hand, it can save costs. But simple design doesn’t equal to rough craft. Aimix portable concrete pump machine always adopts good-quality materials. You can see it from the appearance and inner components.

    The main body is made of Q235. Q235 is a kind of low-carbon steel. Its carbon content is less than ten thousandths, which leads to good welding performance and plasticity.

    As for inner components. We have to mention the S valve. The valve is the core part of the pumping system, which includes a wear plate and cutting ring. Because it has to withstand repeated impact and circular reversion in the course of pumping, so we choose high manganese steel as its raw materials.

    Electric Control System
    Electric Control System
    s valve
    s valve
    Concrete Pumping System
    Concrete Pumping System

    Stable Performance
    A good performance is the comprehensive embodiment of different systems. Generally speaking, a portable concrete pump near me consists of the hydraulic system, electric control system, mechanical system, lubrication system, and cooling system.

    Each of them adopts advanced technology. For instance, the cooling system is great. The radiator equipment makes the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system below 70 degrees centigrade and makes the machine in normal status. Besides that, you can also find the shining point in the electric control system. Aimix pump is equipped with a wired remote, which is convenient for operation far away.

    With perfect systems, the whole concrete pump has stable performance.

    What is Broadly Application Of Portable Concrete Pump?

    A. In the rural and urban areas

    Buildings in the countryside are not very high, their length is under five stories. Therefore, there is no need to purchase larger scale concrete pump such as concrete boom pump. Portable pump is enough. In addition, it can reduce portable concrete pump price. At present, it has been the main force of small and medium-sized cast-in-place projects in rural and small towns. Whether in rural or urban areas, it is mainly for buildings, roads, and bridge construction projects. Half of the customers used it for their building items.

    Portable Mixer pump in Philippines
    Portable Mixer pump in Philippines
    Diesel Mixer Pump in Pakistan
    Diesel Mixer Pump in Pakistan
    After-sales Service in Malaysia
    After-sales Service in Malaysia
    Portable Concrete Mixer Pump In Fiji
    Portable Concrete Mixer Pump In Fiji
    Portable Concrete Pump in Uzbekistan
    Portable Concrete Pump in Uzbekistan
    Portable Concrete Pump in Russia
    Portable Concrete Pump in Russia

    B. In cramped places

    Because of its convenient movement, portable pumps can be used in the field, especially somewhere narrow. In those cramped places, such as on a bridge, where there isn’t enough space to install equipment, not to mention its movement. However, it is much suitable for such construction sites. Besides, it is also useful for water conservancy facilities and electric power engineering projects.

    How to Start a Portable Concrete Pump Company?

    Starting a portable concrete pump company is profitable business, especially if you’re in an area with significant construction activity. To start a concrete pump business, you need to follow several steps and considerations. Here is a guide to help you get started.

    Research and Planning

    Conduct thorough market research to identify the demand for portable concrete pumps in your area. Assess the competition on portable concrete pump companies nearby, potential clients, and market trends. Develop a business plan that outlines your goals, target market, pricing strategy, marketing plan, and financial projections.

    Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits

    Check the local regulations and requirements for starting a construction equipment rental or concrete pumping business. Obtain the necessary licenses, permits, and certifications to operate legally and ensure compliance with safety standards.

    Equipment Pruchase

    Invest in high-quality portable concrete pumps that meet the needs of your market. Consider factors such as pumping capacity, reach, mobility, and durability. Research reputable portable concrete pump manufacturers or portable concrete pump suppliers and compare prices and specifications to make informed purchasing decisions. You can choose purchase one from AIMIX Group.

    portable concrete mixer pump

    Establish Partnerships

    Build relationships with construction companies, contractors, and other potential clients in the industry. Attend industry events, join trade associations, and network with professionals to establish partnerships and generate leads for your portable concrete pump company.

    Hire and Train Staff

    Determine the staffing needs for your portable concrete pump company. Hire qualified and experienced operators who can handle the equipment safely and efficiently. Provide comprehensive training programs to ensure that your staff is knowledgeable about the operation, maintenance, and safety protocols of the portable concrete pumps.

    Focus on Customer Service

    Provide exceptional customer service to build a strong reputation and gain customer loyalty. Respond promptly to inquiries, address concerns, and prioritize customer satisfaction. Maintain open communication with clients and seek feedback to continuously improve your services.

    Ensure Safety and Maintenance

    Implement strict safety protocols to protect your staff, clients, and equipment. Regularly inspect and maintain your portable concrete pumps to ensure optimal performance and minimize downtime. Develop a maintenance schedule and keep detailed records of equipment maintenance and repairs.

    Therefore,starting a portable concrete pump company requires careful planning, investment, and dedication, but with the right strategy and execution. If you want to get more professional advise, please contact our sales for help.

    How to Avoid Portable Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage?

    As we all know, pipe blockage will inevitably occur during the process of pumping concrete. In fact, it can be avoided. As long as you operate in accordance with the regulations, there will be no blockages in general. So what are the ways to avoid pipe blockage? Here are some methods.

    1. After the concrete pump is started, add the appropriate amount of water to moisten the portable concrete mixer pump’s hopper, mesh and the wall of the conveying pipe to directly contact the concrete.
    2. For the supply of concrete, it must be ensured that the pump that transports the concrete can work continuously. During the pumping process, there is enough concrete in the receiving hopper to prevent blockage caused by the inhalation of air.
    3. The conveying pipe should be straight, turn slowly, and have tight joints to prevent slurry leakage at the joints of the pump pipes.
    4. Before pumping the concrete, pump the cement mortar with the same proportion of other components except for the coarse aggregate in the concrete.
    5. When pumping concrete, the piston keeps the maximum travel.

    6. When the pumping starts, the concrete pump is at a slow, uniform speed and can be reversed at any time. The pumping speed is slow at first and then fast, and the speed is increased step by step. At the same time, observe the pressure of the concrete pump and the working conditions of each system. After the systems are running smoothly, pumping can be carried out at a normal speed.
    7. Reasonably arrange the construction time of each stage, and clean the pump in time.
    8. Before arranging to pump, you should go to the site to observe the topography, horizontal distance, vertical height, and other conditions. Choose a suitable concrete pump, so as not to select a concrete pump with a pumping pressure that does not meet the requirements, causing the pump to block. The size of the burst pipe and the conveying pipe should be selected according to the requirements of coarse aggregates, so as to avoid improper selection and blockage of the pipe. It is also necessary to arrange the position of each pump tube, as much as possible to reduce the number of elbows.
    9. When washing the pipe after pouring, it is not possible to use water directly. A special ball must be used, otherwise, the pump pipe is filled with sand and stones. The next pouring will make the pipe easy to block.

    All in all, Aimix’s portable concrete pump for sale is an efficient ideal concrete material conveyor. We can offer you enough concrete pump supply at a reasonable price and well after-services. If you are interested or have any questions about our concrete pump machine, please contact us timely via email, WhatsApp, or following the inquiry form. Email: market11@aimixgroup.com. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

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