Boom Concrete Pump

What is boom concrete pump? It is one of the main Aimix concrete pumping equipment. As we all know, a concrete boom truck is a machine which can continuously delivery concrete mixture along a pipeline by pressure. It is composed of pump body and delivery pipe. The pump body is installed on the chassis of the truck, and then equipped with telescopic or curved concrete booms, and then constitutes a concrete pump truck. Nowadays, it is widely applicable in all kinds of construction projects,especially for large construction items.

AIMIX 33M Boom Concrete Pump Truck

33m boom pump for sale

33m concrete boom pump for sale
33m pumpcrete truck
33m concrete pump truck

33M Concrete Pumper Truck for SaleTheo. Concrete Output: 120 m3/h

  • Boom Vertical Height: 32.3m
  • Boom Horizontal Height: 28.8m
  • Boom Vertical Depth: 20m
  • Max. aggregate size:40mm

Application fields:

The concrete boom pump for sale is appropriate for various construction projects with narrow construction environments, such as high-rises buildings, bridges, harbors, roads, tunnels……

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    What is The AIMIX Concrete Pump Truck Capacity?

    For boom pumps for sale in the market, they can be divided into three kinds in terms of its structure: piston type, extrusion type, and hydraulic diaphragm type. Well, we can supply piston type new concrete boom pumps for sale for our customers. In Aimix Group, we have manufactured concrete pump with boom about 26m, 30m, 33m, 38m, 40m, 47m, 50m, and 58m, which are hot-selling among our global customers.

    • 26-58m Boom Concrete Pump for Sale
    • Truck Mounted Mixer Pump With Boom
    • 14m Mini Concrete Pump Truck Customized

    26-58m Boom Concrete Pump for Sale

    26m boom pump for sale

    26m Boom Pump

    Capacity: 120(m3/h)
    • Boom Vertical Height: 26m
    • Boom Horizontal Length: 21.6m
    • Boom Vertical Depth: 10.5m
    • Turntable Rotation Angle: ±360
    • Pumping System Oil Pressure: 31.5MPa
    30m boom concrete pump for sale

    30m Concrete Pump Truck

    Capacity: 120(m3/h)
    • Boom Vertical Height: 30m
    • Boom Horizontal Length: 26.6m
    • Boom Vertical Depth: 20m
    • Aggregate Size: 40mm
    • Delivery Pipe Inner Diameter: 125mm
    42M Boom Pressure Concrete Pump for Sale

    42M Boom Pressure Concrete Pump

    Rotation Angle: ±360
    • Boom Vertical Height: 41.1m
    • Boom Horizontal Length: 36.3m
    • Boom Vertical Depth: 24.6m
    • Aggregate Size: 40mm
    • Delivery Pipe Inner Diameter: 125mm
    50m Boom Pump Truck for Sale

    50m Boom Pump Truck

    Capacity: 163/97(m3/h)
    • Boom Vertical Height: 50m
    • Boom Horizontal Length: 46m
    • Boom Vertical Depth: 36.5m
    • Feeding height: 1450mm
    • Drive Mode: 6×4

    Truck Mounted Mixer Pump With Boom

    Apart from the 26m to 58m concrete pump truck for sale, we also manufactured truck mounted concrete mixer pump with the boom. This is a truck mounted concrete boom pump with JS series twin shaft concrete mixer. In AIMIX Group, we have manufactured it with different specifications. Here are some models, including 33m, 38m, 40m, 42m, and 45m, which can meet customers’ construction requirements. It mainly consists of a Jib structure system, hydraulic system, electric control system, boom system, pump system, and mixing system.

    38m boom concrete pump with mixer
    38m Boom Concrete Pump with Mixer
    45m Concrete Pump Truck with Mixer
    45m Concrete Pump Truck with Mixer

    14m Mini Concrete Pump Truck Customized

    In order to satisfy customers’ special construction needs, we have launched 14m small concrete pump truck, which can be applicable for house, bridges, tunnels construction. Customers are satisfied with it due to its small size and reasonable concrete boom pump price. If you have small and medium construction, it may be suitable and the best one. Contact our sale for quotation now:

    AIMIX 14m Mini Concrete Pump Truck
    boom pump 14m

    What About Concrete Pump Truck Price?

    Everyone concerns about the price of concrete pump trucks for sale. As we all know, the price of concrete boom truck for sale is not as cheap as other types of concrete pump machine. While, we can promise that Aimix can provide reasonable and competitive concrete boom pump truck price for global customers. As one of professional concrete boom pump manufacturers in China, we have produced concrete pumps for decades with mature technology. Therefore, the quality of equipment is ensured. AIMIX boom pump price is at least $80000. You can request the latest quotation right now. Before making an order, you also can do boom concrete pump price comparasion among different concrete pump truck suppliers for reference.

    Boom Concrete Pump Machine in AIMIX

    What Are Characteristics Of Boom Pump Concrete?

    1. Flexible and fast boom; the outriggers occupy a small area. Besides, the boom pressure concrete pump is easy to move, stable, and safe.

    2. The special chassis developed for the rural places can be easily handled on muddy and narrow rural roads, with excellent pass ability. With the flexible four or five-section arm design, the fabric range is large enough for operation. At the same time, the unilateral support technology is applied. Thus, construction in a narrow site can also be easily achieved.

    3. Specially manufactured for the construction of new-type middle and low-level rural areas; designed and manufactured for short booms for high-speed rail construction.

    4. National standard emission design is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

    5. Easy maintenance of pumping system hydraulic control automatic reversing.

    6. X-shaped outrigger design makes the operation more stable and safe.

    pumping concrete on-site
    Boom Pump Working
    Concrete Pumping

    What Are Systems of Concrete Pump Truck For Sale?

    Cement boom pump is a high-efficiency concrete pumping equipment integrating driving, pumping and placing together. It consists of chassis part, boom system, pumping system, hydraulic system and electronic control system.

    Chassis and power system

    Adopting famous Automobile’s heavy-duty chassis, which has strong bearing capacity, good power performance and low fuel consumption; it can achieve fuel saving, reduce energy consumption, and facilitate maintenance and other characteristics;

    Pumping hydraulic system

    Full hydraulic control hydraulic system, oil pressure transferring signal, which makes the operation simple and reliable and improves the reversing speed of the swing cylinder. Moreover, it reduces the reversing impact, and at the same time the instantaneous action of the reversing of the large oil cylinder is accelerated and the concrete cylinder enrichment, which can make the continuity of the material strong and the material discharged evenly;
    Conponents of Concrete Pump Truck

    Boom and outrigger hydraulic system

    The boom adopts a load-sensitive proportional control system. Therefore, the boom run at a fast and slow speed with excellent operating performance. Not only can it realize infinitely variable speed remote control, but also can realize emergency manual operation in emergency. The oil path of the outrigger and pump truck boom is directly switched to avoid wrong operation and ensure the safety of the concrete truck pump for sale construction.


    Through finite element analysis, dynamic analysis calculations and experiments, it is produced based on accurate data support. The material is made of high-strength low-alloy steel plate. In addition, all materials and welding seams have passed 100% non-destructive testing to ensure reasonable boom structure and high reliability.

    Electrical control system

    The simple and reliable electric control system adopts Schneider brand to ensure stable performance. Equipped with two operation devices of panel and wireless remote control. Adopting well-known brand wireless remote control, it conforms to the principle of ergonomic design, beautiful appearance, light and flexible operation.

    S Valve
    S Valve
    Long Boom
    Electric Control System
    Electric Control System

    What Are Features of Pump System and Boom System?

    Pump system:

    1. Large diameter conveying pipe, high power pump. Maximum displacement pump;

    2. Full stroke control technology: It can make the piston stroke of the pumping cylinder reach the position. In a reasonable time, the piston stroke of the concrete cylinder can reach the position, and has a higher suction efficiency.

    3. Flexible pumping control technology: check the pumping status, automatically adjust the movement of all mechanisms, realize the stable conveying of concrete, improve the efficiency of the pumping system, and extend the service life of hydraulic parts and structural parts.

    4. The key components are all from well-known international brands, featuring high efficiency and long life.

    Pump System of Pump Truck
    Pump System
    Boom System of Pumpcrete
    Boom System

    Boom System:

    1. The boom system is made of Swedish SSAB steel plate, which has excellent fatigue strength and welding ability. The steel plate of the boom system is thicker and heavier. Pumping concrete is safer, more stable and precise.

    2. The boom frame is made of high-strength alloy steel with the latest structural design. Therefore, the weight of the swing arm is reduced, the mechanical performance is better, and the rigidity is higher.

    3. In the welding process, the Swedish ESAB solder wire is used.

    4. The rotating equipment in the boom system uses the products of German ROTHE ERDE or Italian companies. The material is 42CrMo, which has higher strength and service life

    How Does Concrete Pump Truck with Boom Work?

    1. The simple answer to “how does a concrete pump truck work” is that the concrete truck discharges the concrete into the hopper on the back of the pump truck. The hopper has a mesh grille, which prevents any large rocks or chunks falling from the concrete from blocking the pump truck hoses. The hopper also has a screw agitator, which can agitate the concrete to keep it liquid and fluid.

    2. Once the concrete enters the hopper, it will be sucked into the valve system at very small intervals or strokes. When some concrete is sucked into the valve, the concrete is simultaneously pushed into the concrete pipe on the boom of the truck mounted boom pump until it reaches the end of the concrete hose and is placed where you need it. As long as the hopper remains full and the concrete hose is not blocked, the process of pumping concrete will go smoothly.

    3. The rubber tube is squeezed when rolling with the drum, so that the rubber tube has the ability to absorb and output concrete, so as to achieve the purpose of transportation.

    4. The drive shaft drives the roller frame and three rollers to rotate, continuously squeezing the hose. The vacuum suction port is connected to a vacuum pump. During operation, the vacuum pump continuously sucks in air, causing negative pressure in the pump body. The role of the idler is to assist the hose to quickly recover after extrusion and improve the water absorption performance of the concrete.

    What Should I Pay Attention to Before Running A Concrete Pump Truck?

    Before running a boom pump truck, it is important to pay attention to operations. Timely checking and maintaining can prolong the truck’s service life. Here are some aspects you should pay attention to before running a pump truck.


    Due to machine loosening, vibration, and machine heating, leakage may occur at the sealing surface of the machine and the pipe joints. In the actual operation process, under the action of vibration and shock, oil (water) leakage (seepage) is exposed.

    2.Loose unit

    In the processed and assembled parts, there are changes in geometry and matching dimensions. In the early stage of use, due to the impact of alternating loads such as impact and vibration, as well as the effect of thermal deformation, excessive wear is easy to cause. The originally tightened parts are loose. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it is necessary to check the loose parts.

    3.Fast wear rate

    Due to the influence of factors such as the processing, assembly and adjustment of new parts of the concrete pump truck, the friction surface is rough, the contact area of the mating surface is small, and the surface pressure is uneven. During the operation of the pump truck, the uneven parts on the surface of the parts friction mesh with each other, and the ground metal debris is further involved in the friction, which accelerates the wear of the mating surfaces of the parts. At this time, if the concrete pump truck is overloaded, it may cause damage to the parts and cause early failure.

    Well, these are only simple tips you should pay attention to before starting a concrete boom pump. Before operations, there are also some checking points. Operators should maintain it according to instructions.

    boom concrete pump in the AIMIX factory
    boom pump workshop
    concrete pump truck manufacturing factory

    Other FAQs About AIMIX Concrete Pump Boom for Sale

    • Do boom pumps come in different sizes?

    Yes, our concrete boom pumps can be extended from 14 meters in length to 57 meters. Therefore, choose one according to construction needs.

    • Does concrete boom pump truck for sale pump concrete vertically or horizontally?

    Yes, vertically and horizontally pumping are all available.

    • How much concrete can be pumped using a boom concrete truck?

    A concrete truck with pump can pump as much concrete as required for the project.

    • What’s the height can a boom pump machine reach? / What is the reach of a boom pump?

    There are many different concrete boom pump sizes. Some of the smallest boom pumps can reach 14 meters, while the other AIMIX boom pumps used on huge commercial sites can go as far as 60 meters!

    AIMIX Concrete Pump Truck for Sale

    If you are interested in concrete boom machine, or any question about our concrete pump truck for sale, welcome to contact us for solutions: We will reply you as soon as possible!

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