mobile concrete batching plants for sale

Mobile Batching Plant

Mobile batching plant for sale is a piece of concrete production machine that has integrated all systems, like material storage, weighing, conveying, mixing, unloading, and automatic control systems, into a trailer unit. It can be moved easily with the trailer or tractor dragging. Therefore, the mobile concrete batching plant is specially developed to meet the actual requirements of users who need to change the construction site frequently and the construction period is short. In general, it is widely applied for the construction of highways, railways, bridges, ports, hydropower, and other construction projects. Customers can choose suitable models for different projects. Please check Aimix mobile concrete plant models first.

Mobile Concrete Mix Plant for Sale

Models of Aimix Mobile Concrete Batching Plants

Generally, all of the mobile batching plants adopt the belt to transport the concrete mixture from the concrete batching machine to the concrete mixer. The mobile batching plant capacity ranges from 25 m3/h to 90 m3/h, including 25 m3/h, 35 m3/h, 50 m3/h, 60 m3/h, 75 m3/h, and 90 m3/h. Aimix mobile concrete plants are named after the AJY series. Thus, the models consist of AJY25, AJY35, AJY50, AJY60, AJY75, and AJY90. You can check the models and specifications below.

AJY25 Mobile Concrete Plant for Sale
AJY25 Mobile Concrete Plant
AJY35 Mobile Batching Plant for Sale
AJY35 Mobile Batching Plant

With apparent features of flexibility and mobility. Thus, a mobile concrete plant for sale is not suitable for being manufactured large capacity. If the customer chooses a large capacity concrete plant for construction, he’d better prefer to purchase a stationary concrete plant. The mobile concrete batching plant for sale has the advantages of convenient transportation and quick installation. In addition, there is no need to do foundation preparation work for customers. Therefore, it just takes several days to install and assemble it.

AJY50 Mobile Batching Plant for Sale
AJY50 Mobile Batching Plant
AJY60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant Sale
AJY60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Guidance on Model Selection

  • If you plan to use it for small construction projects, like house and road construction, the AJY25 and AJY35 can satisfy your demands.
  • As for medium-size construction projects, such as bridges and building construction, you’d better purchase AJY50 and AJY60 mobile concrete batch plants.
  • Well, if you want to invest in one for large construction projects, such as highways, railways, and hydropower, or for commercial concrete business, you can consider AJY75 and AJY90 models.

If you are not sure which model to choose, you can fill out the inquiry form on the web page or contact our sales directly for suggestions! We would recommend an ideal one according to the requirements of construction sites. Here are some applications of Aimix mobile concrete plants for sale all over the world. You can check them for reference.

Application of Batching Plant Mobile At the Construction Site

1. AJY35 Concrete Mobile Batching Plant for House Construction in Uzbekistan

AJY35 Mobile Batching Plant in Uzbekistan
AJY35 Mobile Concrete Plant in Uzbekistan for House Construction

2. AJY35 Mobile Mixing Plant for Road Construction in Indonesia

AJY35 Mobile Mixing Plant For Road Construction In Indonesia

3. AJY60 Mobile Concrete Mixing Plant for Building Construction In The Philippines

AJY60 Mobile Batch Plant in Davao, Philippines
AJY60 Mobile Concrete Plant in The Philippines

Newly Designed Reversible Drum Mobile Concrete Plant

With the rapid development of the construction industry and increasing requirements of clients worldwide, Aimix has launched a new type of concrete mobile plant with a reversible drum concrete mixer. That’s also an outstanding feature compared with a universal mobile batching plant. Besides, it has a more compact structure and simple design contrasting with the universal mobile concrete batching plant. Because it only consists of several parts, including a reversible drum concrete mixer, simple silos for powder materials, and a concrete batching machine. Due to its simple design, its capacity is under 60 m3/h. Nowadays, Aimix compact concrete batching plant mobile has been exported all over the world! Here are some cases for checking!

Drum Mobile Plant Concrete for Rural Construction in Chile

Drum Mobile Plant Concrete For Rural Construction In Chile

Drum Type Mobile Concrete Batch Plant In Chile

Drum Type Mobile Concrete Plant In Chile

Mobile Cement Plant Drum Type for House Construction in the Philippines

AJT40 Drum Type Mobile Concrete Batching Plant in The Philippines
AJT40 Mobile Concrete Plant in the Philippines
AJT40 Drum Type Mobile Concrete Plant in The Philippines

Characteristics of Mobile Batch Plant for Sale

  • 1. Aimix mobile rmc plant adopts a twin-shaft compulsory concrete mixer, which has the advantages of strong continuous operation ability, comprehensive mixing trajectory, strong mixing motion, and rapid and uniform mixing.
  • 2. The complete set of equipment of the mobile cement plant can be quickly transported to the construction site and assembled on site. It can be put into use normally and quickly after simple assembly.
  • 3. The mobile cement batch plant adopts a trailer design, and the batching conveyor, the mixing host, each weighing system, the screw conveyor and the powder silo are highly integrated and form an integral structure.
  • 4. It is automatic concrete batching plant that has been equipped with a control room. The customers can operate the working process automatically or manually through the computer or control panel. The dynamic panel display can clearly understand the operation of each component.
  • 5. The main electrical component of the concrete mixer, the weighing sensor, and the control system all adopt foreign famous components, which not only greatly reduces the failure rate, but also improves the metering accuracy.
  • 6. Apart from the cement silo part, there is no need to lay a foundation in advance. Therefore, it can help save a lot of installation time.

Mobile batching plant for sale

Systems of Mobile Batch Mix Plant

In general, the mobile concrete mixing plant for sale consists of several systems, including the material storage system, material conveying system, weighing system, mixing system and electric control system. Here are the introduction of each system.

Storage System

All of the material needs to be stored. The material includes sand, stone, gravel, cement, fly ash, mineral powder, liquid additive, etc. The main function of the storage system is to ensure sufficient raw materials for commercial concrete supply.

The sand, stone, and gravel are stacked in the open space or stored in the concrete batching machine.

The silo is to store powder material, such as cement, fly ash, and mineral powder. And the stored tonnage is as follows: 30T, 50T, 100T, 200T, and 300T.

Cement Silo for Mobile Concrete Plant

Conveying System

It is the general name of the devices that transport the stored materials to the concrete mixer. For example, belt conveyors transport sand and gravel from the concrete batching machine to the concrete mixer; the screw conveyors transport powder materials, like cement, fly ash, and minerals.

Aggregate Conveying System

Weighing System

The production of concrete requires the mixing ratio of various materials according to the needs of construction engineering. Only when the various materials are accurately weighed can qualified concrete be produced. Aimix has used PLD series concrete batching machine to batch the aggregate material. For other materials, we have a special weighing scale.

Mixing System

The mixing system is the significant system for the whole mobile ready mix concrete plant. With a good concrete mixer, it can produce a high-quality concrete mixture. The mobile concrete batch mix plant adopts JS series twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer. Having adopted high wear resistance material, it has a longer service life.

JS500 Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer
Twin Shaft Large Concrete Mixer
Twin Shaft Large Mixer for Sale

Electric Control System

The electric control system, equivalent to the human brain, controls the entire mobile concrete plant for material transportation, weighing, and mixing in an orderly manner. Therefore, the customer can easily monitor and control the entire process through the control panel.

Electric Control System of Mobile Concrete Plant for Sale

Mobile Batching Plant Price in Aimix

As we all know, it is common to detect that low or high concrete plant prices in the market. Because the prices are diverse in mobile concrete batch plant manufacturers. The prices is influenced by different factors, especially raw materials, components, capacities, delivery way, transportation fee, service, etc. Before purchasing one, customers should focus on some of these factors. Compared with other suppliers, Aimix provides more reasonable and competitive harga batching plant mobile for customers. Because we have provided considerate after-sales service for Philippines customers. The mobile concrete batching plant price is mainly affected by the capacity. Capacities larger, prices higher.

In general, under the unified standard configuration, the prices are arranged as follows:

  • AJY90 > AJY75 > AJY60 > AJY50 > AJY35 > AJY25

For exact prices, welcome to contact our sales for quotation.

mobile concrete mixing plant

Choose Aimix Manufacturer

There are so many mobile concrete batch plant manufacturers in the market for selection. Before making the decision, the customers need to do a lot of prep investigation work, then select a reliable one among them. Among different mobile concrete batch plant manufacturers, Aimix is also a reputable and reliable one for your right choice. Here are some reasons why to choose Aimix.

Aimix 6 Branch Office

  • 1. Branch offices worldwide. Aimix has established 6 branch offices in these countries: the Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Russia. Thus, customers can connect with us conveniently.
  • 2. Oversea warehouse. There are several oversea warehouses all over the world. Some mobile concrete mixing plants and spare parts are in stock. Thus, customers can buy them nearby conveniently.
  • 3. Visit the machine on-site possible. Aimix has exported countless sets of mobile concrete mixing plants to global customers, which have covered over 100 countries all over the world. So For some countries, the new customers can visit on-site for sold equipment before making an order.
  • 4. Considerate after-sales service. Aimix promises to considerate after-sales service for global customers. Service ranges from pre-sale to after-sales service, including online chatting, delivering, installing, testing debugging, free wearing parts, training……

After-sales service for Aimix mobile concrete plant
After-sales service of mobile concrete plant

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