Concrete Road Construction’s New Favorite: Small Self Loader Concrete Mixer

When undertaking road construction, selecting appropriate construction machinery is crucial, and among this array of equipment, small concrete truck, especially automatic small self loader concrete mixer, demonstrate unique advantages in road construction projects. Check the advantages below.

mini self loading concrete mixer for road construciton

Cost-Effective, Lowering Expenses

The tranditional concrete mixer truck prices can be prohibitively high, posing a significant burden on project budgets. In comparison, the cost of small self loading concrete mixer trucks is relatively lower, as the raw material prices (cement, stones, sand, etc.) are equivalent to the prices of finished concrete. The cost-effective feature helps alleviate financial pressure on the project, enhancing the economic efficiency of road construction.

Efficient Pouring without Time Constraints

Concrete pouring is often an indispensable step in road construction. The ordinary ready mix concrete trucks require waiting for delivery, risking project delays or even the concrete solidifying.

The advantage of mini self loading concrete mixer lies in its on-the-go mixing capability, free from waiting time constraints, ensuring timely fulfillment of concrete pouring needs and maintaining the continuity of construction progress.

AS-1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Pouring Concrete
Pouring Concrete
AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Discharging Concrete
Discharging Concrete

Flexible Maneuverability, Adapting to Various Terrains

Using ready-mix trucks requires locating the nearest concrete batching plant, which can be inconvenient during project relocation or entry into new areas.

The distinctive feature of small self loading concrete mixer is the ability to move flexibly with project progress, resembling a compact concrete batch plant for sale.

With its small size and strong climbing ability, it adapts to various terrains, even climbing hills or entering rural areas, ensuring the smooth progress of construction projects.

Therefore, the small self loading concrete mixer trucks, exhibit superior advantages in road construction compared to traditional ready-mix concrete trucks. AIMIX also have launched several models of small self loading mixers in the market for free choice. Check which model would be suitable for your road projects.

Three Models of Small Self Loader Concrete Mixers

AIMIX has designed small concrete mixer self loading types, like AS-1.8, AS-2.6, and AS-3.5. Their capacities are 7.2, 10.4, and 14 m3/h. Here are some examples of road works that may be suitable.

  • AS-1.8: Repair of small urban streets, road construction in small communities or parking lots, etc.
  • AS-2.6: Rural road construction, small rural infrastructure repair, etc.
  • AS-3.5: Urban main roads, highways, road construction in large industrial areas, etc.

AS-1.8 small self loader concrete mixer for road construction
AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer Truck for Road Construction
AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixers in Road Construction

Also, they have widely applied for road work, including road construction and repairing. Check some working videos of AIMIX self loading concrete mixers in different countries below.


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