Loader Concrete Mixer Delivery to Russia in Progress

In July 2023, another unit of AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer truck has been finished manufacturing, testing and debugging in the AIMIX factory. It was ready to transport to Russia through the railway. The client couldn’t wait to have a look at and check the AIMIX self loading mixer in person. Here are some pictures of self loading mixer in the factory that was ready stock for reference.

Ready Loader Concrete Mixer Would Be Sent To Russia

    Timeline of The Whole Deal Process

  • First contact: The client found AIMIX self loading mixer through Pinterest picture browsing. He was attracted by the appearance of self loader mixer and sent us an message about the mixer. Then our sale contacted him and communicated with the details.
  • Model confirmation: In AIMIX, there are six models of self loader mixer for choices. According to his description, he used the mixer for his contracted building and house construciton projects in Russia. Our sale advised him to buy the AS-3.5 model that is the most cost-effective mixer.
  • Getting prepayment and production starting: After we received his 30% prepayment through bank system. The workers in the factory began to manufacture it as soon as possible. During production, we timely updated the production progress for client.
  • Final payment received and ready to deliver: After manufacturing, we would request the customer to pay for the last 70%. Then we would be ready to arrange for delivering once we have got the 70% final payment.
  • Ready Loader Concrete Mixer Would Be Sent To Russia
    AS-3.5 self loading mixer to Russia

Serive for Sold Self Loading Mixer

The completion of the shipment does not mean the end of the entire transaction. After the self loading mixer arrrived in Russia, AIMIX would do the after service for equipment. Here are the service we provide:

  • 1. Installation guidance online;
  • 2. Technical support during installing, testing and using;
  • 3. One year warranty for wear parts, free changing;
  • 4. Visiting clients in Russia and checking the equipment on-site free;
  • 5. Operation training for the user.

AS-3.5 self loading mixer truck ready to Russia
delivering AS-3.5 self loader mixer truck to Russia

We promise to offer considerate after-sales service for every client who has purchased AIMIX equipment. Thus, customer can choose to cooperate with us without hesitation. Contact us for the best price through email, tel, and inquiry form right now!

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