How is The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Achieving Self-Weighing

The self-loading concrete mixer integrates the capabilities of a wheel loader, concrete truck, and batching plant. The equipment achieves self-loading, weighing, mixing, transportation, and on-site discharge. Among its multifunctions, weighing stands out as a crucial element linked to concrete mix ratios, a concern shared by most clients.

self loading concrete mixer in AIMIX

So, how does is the self loading concrete mixer achieving self-weighing? Allow me to unveil the procedures and introduce the advanced weighing system employed in AIMIX’s self-loading concrete mixer. While, firstly, we need to know why the weighing system is important for the concrete production.

Importance Of The Weighing System To The Concrete Mix Proportion

The main importance of the weighing system to the concrete mix is to ensure the accurate proportion of various raw materials in the concrete, thereby ensuring that the quality and performance of the final concrete meet the design requirements. In what ways does it affect the concrete mix ratio? Check these aspects for reference.

  • Accurate Control of Material Proportions

    The weighing system of self loading cocnrete mixer truck for sale ensures precise measurement of the weights of water, cement, aggregate, and other raw materials, ensuring their accurate proportions in the concrete mixture.

  • Avoiding Excess or Insufficiency

    A proper concrete mix requires precise quantities of each raw material, as an excess or insufficiency can lead to a decrease in concrete strength, durability, and other performance aspects. The use of a weighing system helps prevent these issues.

Weighing Scale
Weighing Scale on Self Loader Mixer
  • Improving Project Quality

    The accuracy of the concrete mix ratio is directly tied to the overall quality of the project. It guarantees that the concrete adheres to design requirements, ultimately raising the project’s quality standards.

  • Increasing Construction Efficiency

    The automatic weighing system can reduce human errors and enhance construction efficiency, which is particularly crucial for large-scale projects and items requiring substantial amounts of concrete.

Therefore, customers universally needs accurate weighing systems for self-loading mixer trucks to control concrete mix proportions. After all, the quality of produced concrete is closely associated with the overall quality of construction projects. However, how self-loading transit mixers achieve the functionality of self-weighing? It is explained in further detail below.

How Does the Self-Loading Mixer Achieve Accurate Material Weight Control?

Self-loading mixer trucks usually realize the function of self-weighing by installing load cells and weighing systems. The weighing system can measure the weight of concrete, water, aggregate and other materials on the mixer truck to ensure that the proportion of concrete is accurate and meets construction requirements. The following are the general procedures for self-loading mixer trucks to achieve self-weighing:


Install the load cell: Install the load cell on the main fulcrum or other structure of the mixer truck. These sensors sense weight changes in the upper parts of the self lolading mixer trucks.


Connect the sensor to the weighing system: Connect the sensor to the weighing system, usually via a cable or other connection. Weighing systems usually include an electronic control unit (ECU).


Calibrating the system: Before use, the weighing system needs to be calibrated to ensure accurate measurements. The calibration process usually involves setting the zero point and making other necessary adjustments.


Data acquisition and processing: When the mixer truck is loaded with concrete, water and aggregate, the load sensor senses the weight change and transmits the data to the ECU of the weighing system.


Display and Recording: Weighing systems are usually equipped with a display screen that displays current weight information. In addition, systems are often able to record and store data for future reference.


Alarms and feedback: The system may also be equipped with an alarm function to alert the operator if the weight of the concrete has reached a predetermined mix. This helps ensure the quality of the concrete during construction.

Through these steps, the self-loading mixer truck can achieve automatic weighing to ensure accurate concrete proportions. Well, in comparison with other manufacturers on the market, AIMIX self loading mixer’s weighing system is unique and outstanding, highlighting its excellent precise weighing performance and providing customers with a more convenient and reliable choice. What are the aspects that make AIMIX weighing system of self loading mixer stand out? Find answers below.

How Does The Aimix Weighing System Provide Added Convenience For Customers?

Adopt Artificial Intelligence Interactive System

By utilizing this system, operators can rapidly understand the operation, resulting in heightened work efficiency. Meanwhile, the weighing system promptly identifies anomalies, efficiently diagnosing issues and reducing downtime.

Artificial Intelligence Interactive System

New Weighing Control Solution

With the utilization of the latest dynamic weighing core algorithm, the weighing error is ensured to be within ±2% (while other manufacturers’ may have errors of 20-30%), greatly improving the quality of concrete in each batch.

HD Large Screen

AIMIX adopts a 13.3-inch industrial-grade touch screen for a better visual experience. Full touch operation is as simple and convenient as using a smartphone. And it uses a high-definition night vision camera to avoid blind spots in the field of vision and reduce safety accidents.

HD Large Screen on self loading mixer truck

Formula Management Capability

The function can meet the production needs of different users and different batches. There are two different kinds of formulas: one proportioned according to weight and one proportioned according to proportion, which have improved production flexibility.

Formula Management Capability

Weighing Calibration Guidance System

Utilizing a combination of animation and descriptive guidance to lead customers through the calibration process. Thus, it reduces the difficulty and time required for customer calibration operations, enhancing production efficiency.

What Should You Pay Attention to When The Weighing System Operates Abnormally?

Main Data to Notice

  • Oil inlet and return pressure: measure the inlet and outlet pressure of the boom cylinder
  • Vehicle body and boom angle: record the vehicle body condition and boom lifting condition
  • Movement speed: boom lifting speed
  • Water flow meter

Main Data To Notice on Self Loading Mixer Weighing

Things to Note When Adding Water Abnormally

Check whether the water flow meter displays data. If the flow meter displays 0, which needs to be checked as follows:

  • Whether the flow meter is stuck due to water quality problems
  • Is the connector loose?
  • Replace the data acquisition chip

Flow Sensors
oil pressure sensor

If you encounter other problems during the operation, please contact our professional technicians in time to seek solutions. Contact us through the following chart, or email, WhatsApp us right now.

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