Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

Concrete pumping equipment Saudi Arabia has been widely used in all kinds of construction projects. With the rapid development of modern construction, it has played a significant role in pumping concrete, especially for high and remote places. Besides, the use of a concrete pump can improve working efficiency, save a lot of time and costs. Therefore, if you have construction projects there, you’d better get one from one of the concrete pump dealers in Saudi Arabia earlier – Aimix Group.

Concrete Pump Machine in Saudi Arabia

Trailer Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia
33m pumpcrete truck

Aimix – Fine Concrete Pump Dealer In Saudi Arabia

Aimix, one of the reliable concrete pump manufacturers and suppliers in Saudi Arabia, located in Chin, has exported many sets of concrete pumps to the Saudi Arabia market. Therefore, it is easier for clients to find AIMIX concrete pump supplier in local places. Besides, all of the customers in Saudi Arabia have thought highly of our machine and recommended it to more local contractors. With more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, Aimix is bound to offer you a high-quality concrete pumping equipment Saudi Arabia. Moreover, more branches offices are being established all over the world in these countries: Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. Maybe establish one in Saudi Arabia in the future. Thus, you can purchase one from Aimix with safety.

Aimix Overseas Branch Offices

Type of Aimix Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

In terms of concrete pump types, we have manufactured several kinds, including boom truck for sale in Saudi Arabia, concrete mixer pump Saudi Arabia, stationary concrete pump for sale in Saudi Arabia, and truck mounted concrete pump. Here are some simple instructions for these concrete pumps for sale.

Boom Truck For Sale

The concrete boom truck for sale is the most hot-selling pumping equipment in local places. Most customers in Saudi Arabia would like to buy one for large construction projects, like bridges, highways, high-rise buildings…… It has long booms which can pump concrete mixture with high efficiency vertically and horizontally. However, the boom truck price in Saudi Arabia is is also the most expensive one among all concrete pumps for sale. While we have a hot-selling concrete pump truck model of about 60m. If you wanna get the price of a concrete pump 60m truck in Saudi Arabia, welcome to contact us immediately. Apart from 60m, we have other kinds for choices: 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m.

30m Concrete pump Truck

30m Concrete pump Truck

37m Concrete Pump Truck

37m Concrete Pump Truck

44m Boom Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

44m Boom Concrete Pump

47m Concrete Boom Pump

47m Concrete Boom Pump

50m Concrete Pump Truck

50m Concrete Pump Truck

57m boom Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

57m Boom Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixer And Pump

The concrete mixer pump has integrated concrete mixer and concrete pump together. It has double functions: mixing and pumping. Thus, customers needn’t buy concrete mixer or concrete pump alone. Indeed, the mixing pump can really save a lot of time, cost, and labor. However, with a small capacity of about 30 and 40 m3/h, it is more appropriate for small-medium rural and urban construction items, like houses, harbors, buildings, roads, foundations, etc. For starting a business, the customers can get quick returns in 6 months whether for self-using or renting. Aimix has manufactured diesel concrete mixer pump and electric concrete mixer pump for sale. Here are the main models: ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D. You can select one according to the actual requirements of construction.

ABJZ30C Diesel Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

ABJZ30C Diesel Mixer and Pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump

ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mix Pump in Saudi Arabia

ABJZ30D Electric Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump in Saudi Arabia

ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

Stationary Concrete Pumps For Sale

Stationary concrete pump Saudi Arabia has the same function as trailer concrete pump. The concrete pump is mounted on the chassis. If equipped with the tires moving among the construction sites, it is a mobile concrete pump. Otherwise, if it works at the construction sites, it is a static concrete pump. With a wide range of capacities from 40 to 80 m3/h, the stationary concrete pump has wide applications for various construction projects. Among them, 40 and 60 m3/h trailer concrete pumps are well-received by local contractors. Based on engines, there is a diesel trailer concrete pump and electric concrete pumps. Standard models are ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D. Apart from these models, we also can customize 30, 50, and 90 m3/h capacities for customers. For detailed information, contact our sales for the latest quotes!

40m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump in Saudi Arabia

40m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump

60m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump in Saudi Arabia

60m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump

80m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump in Saudi Arabia

80m3/h Stationary Concrete Pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

The concrete pump is mounted on truck, which is convenient to move among construction sites. Maybe some clients have several projects, pumping concrete carry out at the same time. If so, one set of truck mounted concrete pump must be your first option to solve your problem. While the truck mounted concrete pump price in Saudi Arabia is a little cheaper than used boom truck for sale in Saudi Arabia. So you can select the most appropriate one according to your budget. According to the concrete pumps, there are three kinds of truck-mounted pumps: truck mounted trailer concrete pump, truck mounted concrete mixer pump, and truck mounted boom concrete pump.

Truck Mounted Pump

Truck Mounted Pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer with Pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer with Pump

Truck-mounted Boom Pump

Truck-mounted Boom Pump

Aimix Considerate After-sales Service of Concrete Pumping Equipment Saudi Arabia

Providing considerate after-sales service for customers is always Aimix’s pursuit. Aimix has established 6 branch offices all over the world for better serving customers. In addition, if possible, we also have a plan to establish an office in Saudi Arabia. After customers received the machine, we would arrange for our engineers to come on-site for after-sales service, including installing, debugging, checking, and training. Besides, the wearing parts of the construction machine have One year warranty. Under warranty, customers can free change it. In a word, for the issues of after-sales service, not verbal promises, but also practical actions. Here are some pictures of Aimix carrying out after-sales service all over the world!

Considerate After-sales Service

After the brief introduction of our concrete pumps for sale, if you are interested in our machine or wanna get Aimix concrete pump price in Saudi Arabia, please contact us now! Contacts are available by filling out the form below or by sending a requesting email to: Then our sales will reply to you as soon as possible!

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