Mini Concrete Pump

What is Mini Concrete Pump? Mini concrete pump machine for sale, same as other concrete pumping machine, is an effective concrete pumping machine. The distinguished features are its tiny size, small volume, and light weight. In general, the mini one is better used for small construction sites, such as rural and urban construction. Besides, many clients prefer concrete pump with mini size, which is more convenient to assemble and disassemble on-site.

Mini Concrete Pump Working On-site

Installing AIMIX Mini Concrete Pump

Mini Concrete Pump Installation

How Many Kinds of Mini Concrete Pumps for Sale in AIMIX?

Aimix mini pumps have two types: mini concrete mixer pump and mini trailer pump . Here is the specific introduction about the pump.

A. Mini Concrete Mixer with Pump

Mini mobile mixer pump is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump. This machine has two functions: concrete mixing and concrete pumping. Therefore, the customers save a lot of cost for construction. The capacity of mini mixer with pump is ranging from 30 m3/h to 40 m3/h. The small capacity can totally satisfy the construction requirements.

ABJZ30C Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

ABJZ30C Mini Diesel Mixer Pump Capacity: 30(m3/h)

  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):30 M3/h
  • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
  • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:400 m
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:20 mm
  • Total weight:5500 kg

ABJZ40C Mini Diesel Concrete Pump

ABJZ40C Mini Diesel Mixer Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):40 M3/h
  • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:150 m
  • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:600 m
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:40 mm
  • Total weight:6000 kg

ABJZ30D Mini Electric Mixer Pump

ABJZ30D Mini Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Capacity: 30(m3/h)

  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):30 M3/h
  • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
  • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:300 m
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:20 mm
  • Total weight:2300 kg

ABJZ40D Mini Electric Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Mini Electric Mixer Pump Capacity: 40(m3/h)

  • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H):40 M3/h
  • Max. theo. Vertical Conveying Distance:120 m
  • Max. theo. Horizontal Pumping Distance:500 m
  • Max. aggregate diameter:Slick/scree:40 mm
  • Total weight:4500 kg

Mini Trailer Concrete Pump

The trailer concrete pump with mini size has a capacity of about 30 and 40 m3/h. It is usually applied for pumping concrete mixtures with a small diameter. The mini trailer pump is convenient to move because it is equipped with tires. Therefore, the mini concrete pump with diesel engine can easily move from one site to another.

ABT30C Mini Trailer Concrete Pump
30 m3/h Mini Concrete Pump
40 m3/h Mini Concrete Pump

14m Mini Boom Concrete Pump

As we all know, the boom pump for sale has large size generally. In AIMIX, we have manufactured mini concrete boom pump for sale to meet customers’ requirements. The 14m mini concrete pump truck is a concrete pump machine specially designed for our customers. With small capacity and a 14m boom for construction, it is convenient for customers to operate and maintain. In addition, the price of the mini concrete pump truck for sale is cheaper than the big one. Welcome to contact us for prices:

14m Mini Boom Pump
14m Mini Boom Pump

AIMIX 14m Mini Concrete Pump Truck
boom pump 14m
14m concrete pump truck

Which Countries Are AIMIX Concrete Pumps Exported to?

Due to its hot sale, AIMIX cement pumps have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, Canada, USA, UK, Bangladesh, Zambia, Botswana, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Laos, Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Fiji, Burma, Pakistan, Uzbekistan etc. We believe that our equipment will spread over more and more countries. Generally, we export small concrete pump as a whole. It means that there is no need to assemble the concrete mini pump after you receive our machine. It can be applied in construction directly. A lot of customers are satisfied with our machines and think highly of them. Here are some pictures of our machine working at the construction site.

AIMIX ABJZ40C Mini Concrete Pumping Machine Working In Indonesia

As the following video shows, the ABJZ40C has successfully been put into use at the construction. The customer was satisfied with our equipment and took some video of the AIMIX concrete mixer pump working. The video fully shows the processes from receiving machines to working at the construction site, including construction site layout, testing, and debugging processes. Please check the following video.

Customer Visiting in Indonesia
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump in Indonesia
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Indonesia

AIMIX ABT30C Mini Diesel Trailer Pump Working Normally In Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia

The ABT30C mini cement pump was applicable for foundation construction at the site In Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia. After using it, the customers in Indonesia sent us some working pictures and videos. He thumped up our machine. Thanks for the customers’ trust.

AIMIX ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump in Indonesia
AIMIX ABT30C Diesel Concrete Pump in Indonesia
ABT30C Diesel Mini Concrete Pump Working in Indonesia
ABT30C Diesel Mini Concrete Pump Working in Indonesia
ABT30C Mini Diesel Trailer Pump In Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia
ABT30C Mini Diesel Trailer Pump In Manokwari, Papua, Indonesia

ABT40C Mini Concrete Line Pump Working In Papua, Indonesia

AIMIX ABT40C diesel engine concrete pump is used for building construction projects in Papua, Indonesia. In the beginning, customers are puzzled about how to choose the suitable one for their projects. After contacting him, our sales has advised him to buy the small concrete pump – ABT40C diesel concrete pump, which is appropriate for his urban construction projects. He has taken some videos and pictures of the AIMIX concrete pump working.

AIMIX ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Working for House Construction In The Philippines

AIMIX service team always visits customers in the Philippines at construction sites. At the site, our sales and engineers would freely check and maintain the equipment. The customer has thumped up our after-sales service. Here are some pictures, videos, and reviews.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump for House Construction Project

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixing Pump for House Construction

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixing Pump for House Construction

ABJZ40C Mini Concrete Mixer Pump Working In Pakistan

Up to now, AIMIX has exported over 20 sets of concrete pumps to the Pakistani market. Besides, we have a branch office in Pakistan. Therefore, the customer trusted us a lot and made orders from us with safety. After using it for house construction, the customers thought highly of our machine and promised to repurchase one from AIMIX.

mini concrete pumping on-site
ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump Working in Pakistan
Pumping Concrete At Construction Site in Pakistan

ABT40C Diesel Trailer Pump Working in Myanmar

AIMIX after-sales service team has assembled, tested, and debugged the machine at the construction site in Myanmar. The customer thinks highly of the after-sales service. They have taken some pictures and videos of the trailer pump working.

Mini Diesel Concrete Pump on Construction Site
Mini Concrete Pump Working
Mini Concrete Pumping in Myanmar

What Are Features Of Aimix Mini Cement Pump?

  • 1. Easy operation, quick assembly, and installation
  • 2. Equipped with tires, it is easier to move among construction sites.
  • 3. The anti-pump function can prevent the concrete mixture from congestion, which can prolong the pump’s service life.
  • 4. Adopting of the electric control system, the whole operation can be controlled easily. One button can start and stop the whole operation process.
  • 5. Some of the important components are famous international brands to prolong their service life.
  • 6. The remote controlling function is convenient to control the operational processes at long distances.

Electric Control Box
Electric Control Box
Remote Control Device
Remote Control Device
Pumping System
Pumping System

Why to Choose Aimix Group?

If you are planning to purchase mini cement pump available for sale on the market, please never miss Aimix Group. You may ask why to choose us. Here I will tell you some reasons why AIMIX portable mini concrete pump to buy.

1. Well known manufacturer

Aimix Group is a famous concrete pump manufacturer in China. It has more than 30 years mature manufacturing experience. We have obtained advanced technology and innovative teams to produce new products for our customers. Besides, we have got ISO, CE, and other certificates.

Certificates of Aimix Group
Aimix Certificates

2. Acceptable price

The mini concrete pump price is more reasonable than that of other mini concrete pump companies. What’s more, the quality is not inferior to others. Many customers who has purchased our machine give high praise on our machine. You can have a try and our machine will never let you down.

3. Assurance service

Aimix Group provides a one-step whole service, including pre-sale service, on-sale service, and after-sale service. Before you purchase our pump machine, our sale-team will provide pre-sale service patiently. After you buy our machine, if there is any problem on our machine, our engineer will come to offer after-sale service immediately. Please take care to choose us. We promise to offer the best equipment for you.

After-sales Service for Mixer Pump for Sale
AIMIX After-sales Service in Indonesia
After-sales Service in Philippines

What Are The Benefits of Using Mini Concrete Pump?

Size doesn’t always matter in the world of concrete pumping, and the jual concrete pump mini sometimes boasts many benefits that larger boom pumps cannot. Read on to discover the benefits of mini concrete pump for sale can bring to your project.

1. Flexible transportation

In our opinion, concrete is the best building material in the world, so it is not surprising that it is required for various projects, even in hard-to-reach places. This is where the concrete pump mini dijual team comes in. This innovative solution can transport concrete to places with restricted access and can discharge concrete horizontally and vertically.

2. Pump concrete in all weather

Mini concrete pumps for sale combine efficiency and robustness. Just like other concrete pumps for sale in AIMIX, the small portable pumps are able to provide excellent performance in all weather conditions, so you can be sure that your project will be completed on time, no matter what unpredictable weather you encounter.
Mini Concrete Pump Machine

3. Low labor intensity

Compared with other concrete pumps, small concrete pumps require fewer personnel to operate. Many brands are automated, which means that the labor intensity that these mini concrete pumps worry about is quite low.

The convenience of miniaturization of the mini pump concrete pumping is basically caused by its size. It will also be cost-effective and better to use. Therefore, the mini one is ideal for small to medium construction projects.

If you have any other questions about our cement pump for sale, welcome to contact us for the best mini concrete pump cost right now! Apart from the mini pump, AIMIX also has other kinds, like mini concrete pump capacity large, portable concrete pump, diesel concrete pump, and electric concrete pump. Contact us for the latest mini concrete pump machine price right now! Then our sales will reply you as soon as possible!

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