Concrete Pumps for Sale in Kenya

Concrete pumps for sale in Kenya are in great demand due to the rapid development of the construction industry. Aimix Group has manufactured and exported kinds of concrete pumps, like concrete trailer pump for sale, concrete mix and pump, and concrete pump truck for sale. Now, it is widely used for rural and urban construction projects in these cities in Kenya, including Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Eldoret, Malindi, Thika, Kitale, Garissa, Kakamega, etc. Check Aimix concrete pumps cases below.

Aimix ABJZ40C Concrete Pumping on-site

concrete pump truck in AIMIX
ABT40C Concrete Pumping in Kenya

Aimix Exporting Cases

Export Aimix ABT90C Diesel Concrete Pump To Kenya in Nov. 2021

Aimix ABT90C diesel concrete pump was ready to export to Kenya in Nov. 2021. After communicating with the customer, he wanted to buy it for his construction projects and put it into use at the end of 2021. According to the size of the project, we advised him to purchase the largest capacity of transcrete concrete pump – 90 m3/h. He accepted it and made an order from us. After one month’s manufacturing, it has been finished and tested. Then we arranged to transport the machine to Kenya. Check some loading videos and pictures!

Exporting Aimix ABT90C Diesel Concrete Pump to Kenya
Delivering ABT90C Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump to Kenya

Transporting Aimix ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump To Kenya

As a Kenya concrete pump dealer, we have sold many sets of concrete pumps to Kenya. Recently, we have delivered our ABT30 small concrete pump to Kenya. This is an electric engine concrete pump Kenya. We confirmed that in the working area, there is sufficient electric supply. Therefore, according to the construction scale, a 30 m3/h concrete trailer pump can match his rural building projects totally. After getting pre-payment, our workers have manufactured it for 10 days. Then we delivered the equipment to our customers smoothly. Here are several pictures that were taken when loading in the factory.

Exporting ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump to Kenya
Exporting ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump to Kenya
ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump Ready to Kenya
ABT30D Electric Concrete Pump Ready to Kenya

Types of Aimix Concrete Pumps for Sale in Kenya

As we all know, construction items, such as high-rise buildings, urban and rural construction, highway, railway, bridge, tunnels, harbors, parking lots….. all require concrete pressure pumps. It is really effective and stable, which can help save your total budget. Because it is convenient for users to use and operate, which can reduce labor costs and time. Therefore, if you have construction items now, it is better to buy concrete pump Kenya to improve working efficiency. Aimix concrete pump supplier mainly provides three kinds of concrete pumps for sale, including trailer mounted concrete pump for sale, cement mixer with pump, and boom pump for sale.

Concrete Pump Trailer

Trailer concrete pump is a version of a concrete pumping machine used on small-scale construction sites. It takes concrete mixture from a mixing tool at one piston and pumps it out the other. Concrete pumps have become the modern solution to concrete transferring done through pipelines. Therefore, sometimes it is called a concrete line pump for sale. Aimix has manufactured diesel concrete pump and electric ready mix pump. Capacity ranges from 30 m3/h to 90 m3/h. The standard capacity of stationary concrete pump for sale in Aimix is including 40 m3/h, 60 m3/h, and 80 m3/h.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pumps for sale in Kenya

ABT40C Diesel Engine Concrete Pump

ABT60C Trailer Pump in Kenya

ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump

ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump in Kenya

ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump

Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale

Aimix concrete mixer pump is the most well-received concrete pumping machine for sale in the Kenya market. Same as a towable concrete pump for sale, it is also divided into diesel and electric concrete mixer pump. Different from the ready mix concrete pump, the small concrete pump for sale has an additional mixing function. That’s the main reason why a lot of clients in Kenya would like to choose this kind of mini concrete mixer with pump. The portable concrete mixer with pump with capacities 30 and 40 m3/h is more appropriate for small and medium rural and urban construction projects, like houses, buildings, bridges, harbors, etc. Models ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D are available in Aimix now! You can choose a suitable mini concrete pump for sale for your construction items.

ABJZ30C Diesel Mixing Pump in Kenya

ABJZ30C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump Mixer

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix and Pump Machine

ABJZ30D Electric Concrete Mixing Pump for Sale in Kenya

ABJZ30D Electric Mixer Pump

ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Pumps for Sale in Kenya

ABJZ40D Electric Concrete Mix Pump

Concrete Boom Pump for Sale

The concrete boom truck for sale is a lifesaver for a construction project that requires concrete in hard-to-reach areas. Without a boom pump, transporting concrete to these areas would require multiple, tedious, and tiring trips back and forth with concrete-laden trolleys. Now the concrete boom pump truck can eliminate this inconvenience. Using a remotely controlled arm, the new concrete pump truck for sale can be positioned above buildings, on stairs, and around obstacles to ensure the concrete can be placed exactly where it is needed, wherever it may be. Besides, truck mounted concrete boom pump can transfer large amounts of concrete in a short period of time. In Aimix, there are several types of boom pumps for choices: 21m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. Contact us for elaborated details!

21m Boom Concrete Pump in Kenya

21m Boom Concrete Pump

37m Concrete Pump Truck in Kenya

37m Concrete Pump Truck

44m Boom Concrete Pump Truck in Kenya

44m Boom Concrete Pump Truck

Wide Applications of Aimix Concrete Pumps in Africa Countries

1.ABT40C Diesel Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale in Morocco for Tunnel Project

2.ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mix Pump in Nigeria for Building Construction

Aimix Cement Mixer and Pump On-Site for Construction
ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump Working In Nigeria

3.ABJZ40C Diesel Mobile Concrete mixer with Pump Working in Mozambique

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump in Mozambique
Mixer Pump in Mozambique
Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Mozambique
ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump in Mozambique

4.ABJZ40C Diesel Cement Mixer with Pump in Ethiopia for Houses Construction

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump in Kenya

Nowadays, self loading concete mixer with pump is hot-selling in the market. Many contractors choose a wonderful match for their construction projects. As its name replies, the self loading concrete mixer with pump is the combination of self loading concrete mixer Kenya and tractor concrete pump. The self loading mixer can mix and transport the concrete mixture to the construction site. Then it pours the concrete mixture into the portable concrete pump for sale. Last, the concrete mixture would be pumped to where it is needed through the hydraulic concrete pump. Here is the video of how it works on-site.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump

Why To Use Aimix Concrete Pumps?

Among so many concrete pump manufacturers, why can Aimix stand out? Why choose Aimix concrete pump for your construction solutions? Here are several factors and advantages about it.

  • 1. Aimix can customize concrete transfer pump for our customers, whether for its capacity, its appearance, or its performance. We can provide different quotes and solutions.
  • 2. With over 30 years’ skillful manufacturing experience, Aimix is confident to provide high-quality equipment for clients. Moreover, CE certificate has obtained to ensure its performance.
  • 3. Reasonable price of concrete pump guaranteed. We have our own factory in China. Therefore, compared with other trading companies, we promise to quote you the most competitive price.
  • 4. On-time delivery according to contract. Generally, Aimix can guarantee that starting manufacturing static concrete pump for sale after getting 30% payment. After 10 days’ manufacturing, we will deliver the machine to you after getting the rest 70% payment.
  • 5. On-site visiting possible. Before purchasing, we can provide you with valuable information about our small cement pump working places in Africa. It is convenient for customers to visit our pump on sites and check how it works.
  • 6. One-year quality warranty. If the machine has a quality issue, we will be positive to check and maintain it in time. In addition, damageable components can supply as soon as possible.
  • 7. Best After-sales service team. Having established an after-sales service department, Aimix is dedicated to offering considerate after-sales service for customers.
  • 8. Oversea offices and warehouses are available in more than 6 countries. We are planning to build one in Kenya in the future. Therefore, customers needn’t worry about our service.
Considerate After-sales Service of Concrete Pumps for Sale in Kenya
Considerate Aimix After-sales Service

What About the Concrete Pump Price in Kenya?

Concrete pump price is the important factor that decides whether the client buys the concrete piston pump or not. As we all know, the price of concrete pump for sale in Kenya is determined by various factors, such as raw material, shipping concrete pump cost, capacity, models, power, size, components, after-sales service, etc. Combining all factors, The price of concrete pump is as follows:

concrete boom pump price > concrete mixer pump price > ready mix concrete pump price(trailer concrete pump price)

Approximate ex-factory prices:

Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Price ≥ USD26,000; Electric Concrete Mixer Pump Price ≥ USD22,000
Diesel Trailer Concrete Pump Price ≥ USD18,500; Electric Trailer Concrete Pump Price ≥ USD14,000

If you wanna have detailed quotations of construction equipment for sale in kenya, please contact our sale right now: Or Send an inquiry through the following form. Then our sales will reply to you high pressure concrete pump details soon.

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