Self Loading Concrete Mixer Paraguay

Self loading mixer truck Paraguay is popular in the modern construction industry. Because now Paraguay country is focusing on infrastructure development and it has increased the demand for the machinery used in the construction industry. The self loading concrete mixer truck brings great convenience for construction due to its unique self loading features. Many Paraguay customers have bought this AIMIX self loading transit mixer for different kinds of construction projects, like houses, buildings, warehouses, harbors, bridges, etc.

AIMIX Self Loading Mixer Truck in Paraguay

Different Models of AIMIX Self Loading Mixer Trucks in Paraguay

AIMIX has manufactured different models of self loader concrete mixers in Paraguay for reference. The models include AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5.

  • AS-1.8 and AS-2.6 are mini self loading mixers that are suitable for small construction projects, like foundation and house construction.
  • AS-3.5 and AS-4.0 are medium self loading mobile concrete mixers in Paraguay. They are appropriate for various kinds of rural and urban construction, especially for house and low-rise building construction and road construction.
  • AS-5.5 and AS-6.5 are big ones that are usually for large construction projects, including large-scale warehouse construction, slope protection works, high-rise buildings, etc.

Here are simple introduction of some models of self loading concrete mixer machines for reference.

AS-1.8 Self Loading Mixer for Sale in Paraguay


Capacity: 7.2(m3/h)
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 2680L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 400L
  • AS-1.8 is one of the small self loading concrete mixers for sale in AIMIX. It has a small concrete output capacity of about 7.2 cubic meters per hour.
  • Thus, it is more suitable for small construction projects in Paraguay’s rural and urban areas, especially for house construction.
  • The mixer drum capacity of loading is about 2680L and discharging capacity is about 1800L. The engine power is about 78kw. The water tank volume is 400L. It can supply sufficient water for concrete mixing and mixer tank cleaning.
AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer Truck in Paraguay


Capacity: 10.4(m3/h)
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 3580L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 78kw
  • Water Tank: 500L
  • AS-2.6 is the other small self loading mixer for sale in Paraguay. Its mixing tank input capacity is about 3580L and its discharging capacity is about 2600L.
  • In general, the self propelled concrete mixer can finish four batches of concrete mixture production. Therefore, the concrete output capacity is about 14.4 cubic meters per hour.
  • Many clients has chose this AS-2.6 model for self loading mixer machine for their road construction and building construction.
AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer in Paraguay


Capacity: 14(m3/h)
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 4740L
  • Drum Speed:13 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 91kw
  • Water Tank: 620L
  • The AS-3.5 model is the most hot-sale AIMIX self loading concrete mixer for sale. Global customer would prefer to choose this one rather than other models.
  • One of the most important reason is that it has wide applications for small and medium-sized construction projects. Besides, AS-3.5 slm concrete machine is always in stock from the AIMIX factory. Customer needn’t wait for a long time to receive his self batching concrete truck.
  • In AIMIX, there are different styles of AS-3.5 self loading transit concrete mixers for sale, including A, B, and C styles with different configurations for choices.
AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer in Paraguay


Capacity: 16(m3/h)
  • Mixer Drum Capacity: 6000L
  • Drum Speed:17 r/min
  • Max. Gradeability: 30%
  • Engine Power: 91kw
  • Water Tank: 920L
  • AS-4.0 concrete mixer truck self loading is one of medium-sized rough terrain concrete mixers for sale. With relative larger capacity, it is usually used for medium and large-sized construction projects, like factory houses, buildings, and harbor construction.
  • The whole loading capacity of mixing drum is 6000L and unloading capacity is about 4000L. In general, the self loader mixer can finish 16 cubic meters per hour with four batches of concrete output production.
  • It is also the most cost-effective model for clients. The clients can invest in the AIMIX AS-4.0 self loading concrete machine in Paraguay due to its high quality and reasonable price.

Application of AIMIX Auto Loading Concrete Mixer in Latin American Countries

Until now, AIMIX has exported over 60 units of china self loading concrete mixers to the Latin American market. The self loading mobile concrete mixer for sale has covered these countries, like Paraguay, Argentina, Barbados, Bahamas, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru, Dominica, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Haiti, Mexico, El Salvador, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Uruguay, Jamaica, and Chile, etc. Here is some customer feedback on the mobile self loading concrete mixer truck working on-site.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Pump Working in the Dominican Republic

AS-2.6 self loading mixer in Uruguay for Foundation Construction

Customer Feedback on AS-2.6 self loading mixer in Uruguay

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer in Peru For Highway Construction

AIMIX AS-3.5 self loading mixer working in Peru for highway construction
AS-3.5 self loader mixer in Peru working for highway construction
AS-3.5 self loading mixer in Peru for highway construction

AS-3.5 Self Concrete Mixer Machine in Guatemala for Factory House Construction

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Working in Guatemala
AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Working for Factory House Construction in Guatemala

Concrete Mixer Loader + Concrete Pump for Mixing and Pumping Job On-site

AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer Pump in Paraguay
Self Loading Concrete Mixer Pump
  • To solve the problems of mixing and pumping concrete mixture on-site at the same time, AIMIX has launched the construction machine collaboration solutions for clients – self loading concrete mixer with pump.
  • The collaboration has combined the self concrete mixer and concrete pump together. It has greatly improved working efficiency and made the mixing and pumping work easier.
  • Many clients in Paraguay have inquired about the combination. And AIMIX has exported many units to global clients. Check some applications below.

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixture and ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump For Warehouse Construction

AS-2.6 Self Loader Mixer and ABT40C Concrete Pump Trailer For Building Construction

If you wanna get the elaboration about the combination, welcome to contact us. Our sales would recommend the suitable ones according to your construction projects.

Choose AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer Manufacturer

AIMIX, one of self loading concrete mixer manufacturing companies in Paraguay, has focused on the construction equipment manufacturing industry for decades. We are one of professional self loading concrete mixer manufacturers in China. If clients in Paraguay want to import one from China, please never miss the AIMIX. Here are some benefits of choosing to cooperate with us.

  • 1. AIMIX has manufactured the self loading mixer for decades. Thus, we have advanced technology and mature manufacturing experience to ensure offer high-quality equipment.
  • 2. Having obtained CE and ISO certificates, AIMIX also can ensure the quality and performance of self loading concrete mixture.
  • AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer CE Certificate
    CE Certificate
  • 3. We promise to provide considerate after-sales service for the sold small self loader concrete mixer. Offer spare parts for free under one year warranty.
  • 4. The self loading concrete mixer truck price in AIMIX Group is much more reasonable and competitive. Because we have a large factory in China. AIMIX can offer the best ex-factory self loader concrete mixer price.

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