Self Loading Concrete Mixer Chile

Self loading concrete mixer Chile is equipment that self loads aggregates, blends, weighs, and places the concrete mixture to where it is actually required at the construction sites. It is a stand-alone machine that can finish concrete mixing tasks that only demand one person to operate. In general, the self loading mixer truck is widely applied for rural and urban construction projects, especially for houses, buildings, roads, precast concrete projects, etc. Aimix has manufactured several models of self loading mixers for choices. In addition, we have exported some mixers to the Chilean market. Please check the details of self loading mixer for sale below.

Self loading concrete mixer in Chile

Models of Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixers in Chile

  • In Aimix, there are several models of self loading mobile concrete mixers for sale in Chile. The capacities range from 1.8 m3 to 6.5 m3. Models are AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5.
  • Among them, AS-1.8 and AS-2.6 are small self loader concrete mixers in Chile. Many clients choose the mini type for self-using.
  • AS-3.5 and AS-4.0 are the most hot-selling self loading transit mixer models in Aimix. With medium self loading concrete mixer capacity, they have wide application for various kinds of projects, such as villa, warehouse, and road repair construction……
  • AS-5.5 and AS-6.5 are large self loading transit mixer models in Aimix. Some clients are contractors who would like to invest in large ones for various self-contracted projects.
  • Here I would like to introduce the most hot-sale models in the Chile market. They are AS-2.6, AS-3.5, and AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixers for sale. Check detailed introductions of them below.

AS-1.8 self loading mixer for sale in Chile
AS-5.5 Chile Self Loader Concrete Mixer
AS-6.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale in Chile

AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer

AS-2.6 Self Loader Mixer for Sale in Chile
Capacity: 10.4 m3/h
  • It is a mini self loading concrete mixer Chile with discharging capacity of 2600L, about 2.6 cubic meters.
  • According to a rough calculation, the concrete output of AS-2.6 self loading concrete mixer for sale is about 10.4 cubic meters per hour.
  • The capacity of the drum mixer is about 3580L. And its drum rotating speed is 13 r/min. In addition, it has adopted wear-resistant materials to prolong its service life.
  • It has been widely applied for various kinds of construction projects, like houses, roads, and precast concrete construction projects.

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Chile

AS-3.5 Self -loading Mixer in Chile
Capacity: 14 m3/h
  • AS-3.5 is the best-selling Chile self loading concrete mixer for sale among global clients. In general, the export volume of Aimix AS-3.5 model self loading mixer for sale exceeds 100 units.
  • The drum can blend the mixture of about 3.5 cubic meters per batch. In general, one hour can finish 4 batches of concrete mixing. Thus, the capacity of the AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer truck is about 14 m3/h.
  • In the Aimix factory, the AS-3.5 self loading transit mixer in Chile is often in stock. After the client places an order, we will arrange for the delivery immediately, and the customer will receive the goods as soon as possible.

AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Machine in Chile

AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer in Chile
Capacity: 16 m3/h
  • AS-4.0 self batching concrete truck with a capacity of 16 cubic meters per hour is suitable for different kinds of projects, such as buildings, factory warehouses, harbor construction……
  • It is equipped with a large capacity water tank to ensure sufficient water supply. The water is not only used for the concrete mixing process but do cleaning functions after one day of work.
  • Some clients in Chile chose to buy the AS-4.0 self loading mixer machine with concrete pumping equipment together, which can greatly improve working efficiency at the construction sites.

Cases of Different Models Of Self-loading Concrete Mixers On-site

AS-2.6 Self loading mixer machine for House Construction

AS-2.6 Chile Self Loading Concrete Mixer For House Construction
AS-2.6 self loading mixer in Chile for house construction

AS-3.5 concrete self loading mixer for Road Construction

AS-4.0 self loading mixture for Foundation Construction

AS-5.5 self concrete mixer for Building Construction

AS-5.5 self loader mixer for building construction

A, B, C Styles of Loader Concrete Mixers for Choices

To meet customers’ demands, Aimix has launched different styles for each self propelled concrete mixer model. There are three styles for choice: A, B, and C style. Different styles have different configurations. Taking the AS-3.5 model for example, there are AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, and AS-3.5C self loading concrete mixer machine models for selection. Here are the main distinguished configurations as follows:

  • AS-3.5A self loading transit concrete mixer: There are four wheels on the self loading concrete mixture, two wheels at the front and two wheels at the back;
  • AS-3.5B self loading cement mixer: It is equipped with six wheels: four wheels at the front and two wheels at the back;
  • AS-3.5C mobile self loading concrete mixer truck: There are six wheels: four wheels at the front and two wheels at the back. In addition, the operating room can rotate synchronously with the concrete mixer drum.

AS-3.5A Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Chile
AS-3.5B Self Loader Transit Mixer in Chile
AS-3.5C Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Chile

Based on the above different configurations, the clients can choose anyone according to the actual construction requirements. Besides, the self loading concrete mixer truck prices are also associated with the styles. The configuration is higher, the self loading concrete mixer machine price is higher. Therefore, the C style self loading mixer price is a little more expensive than the A and B styles.

Concrete Mixer Loader Works With Other Construction Machines

  • At construction sites, some simple jobs can be finished easily only by using concrete mixer truck self loading alone. While, for some construction works, it is not enough to own only a self concrete mixer machine.
  • In some cases, the auto loading concrete mixer needs to cooperate with other construction machines to better finish the construction work.
  • Therefore, many clients in Chile would like to choose the concrete pump to cooperate with the cement mixer self loading. The collaboration is named after self loading concrete mixer with pump for sale in the market.
  • After the mixture is mixed by the self loading feed mixer for sale, it would be poured into the hopper of the concrete pump machine. Then it is pumped to the hard-reach places through the pipelines.
  • Here are some working videos and feedback from global users. You can check how the self loading concrete mixer pump works.

AS-4.0 + ABT40C For Building Construction

AS-5.5 + ABT60C For Foundation Construction

How to Get Reasonable Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price in Chile?

Everyone would like to seek a self loading concrete mixer Chile at the best price from a reliable manufacturer. While, how to get the best self concrete mixer price? Check the following tips for guidance.

  • 1. Compared with the prices in different manufacturers. In the Chile market, there are self loading concrete mixer manufacturing companies for choices. The client needs to compare prices in the self loading concrete mixer truck companies. After compassion, it is easier to find that the self loading transit mixer price has a big difference in various manufacturers.
  • 2. Make certain that getting one from home or abroad. The price of self loading concrete mixer Chile has differences in various countries. If the client wants to get a China self loading concrete mixer, please consider the additional shipping fee.
  • 3. Focused on the after-sales service. If the Chilean client buys a self loading concrete machine with the best after-sales service, he can save a lot of installation and maintenance costs. In the long run, it’s worth getting considerate after-sales service although the portable self loading concrete mixer price is higher.
  • Best After-sales Service
    Concrete Mixer After-sales Service

Aimix self loading mixer price is reasonable and attractive for Chile clients. If you want to get the exact price of each model, just feel free to contact our sale directly for further discussion. Contact us through the following form, or email, whatapp, or viber! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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