Main Superiority of AIMIX Concrete Mixer Pump Performance

Nowadays, the AIMIX concrete mixer with pump for sale is popular among global customers who have requirements for concrete mixing and pumping. Until now, We have exported over 200 units of mixer pumps to clients. Most of the clients think highly of the AIMIX concrete mixer pump, especially for its performance. Besides, the service life of our mixing pump is longer than that of other manufacturers. Because we have adopted advanced and reliable components to improve its performance. You can check the main performance superiority of some components.

AIMIX Concrete Mixer and Pump Performance

Main Performance Superiority of Components


We adopt the Wechai fully electric control diesel engine, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, and easy control. there are many service outlets abroad that supply this brand of engine. It not only can save production costs for customers but also eliminates the worries of after-sales service and quality assurance. In addition, the clients also have other engine brand choices, like Cummins and Yuchai.

Diesel Engine - Wechai
Diesel Engine – Wechai
Pumping System
Pumping System

Pumping System

The pumping system of the AIMIX concrete pump is exactly the same as that of the Sany Industry. They are produced by the same manufacturer. The structure of the pumping system is reasonable, and the hopper is welded by stamping and stamping plates, which ensures that the concrete has very good fluidity and is not prone to accumulation.

Concrete Cylinder Size

The inner diameter of the concrete cylinder used by the AIMIX concrete mixing pump is 200mm; While the inner diameter of the concrete cylinder used by other companies is 180mm. If the inner diameter of the concrete cylinder is enlarged, the aggregate particle size can be larger to ensure the discharge of the material easily and prevent pipe blockage.

Concrete Cylinder of Concrete Mix Pump
Concrete Cylinder
Hydraulic Hose of Mixer Pump
Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose

The hydraulic hose adopts the American Eaton brand. This hydraulic hose uses a 24-degree cone seal, which has the advantages of good quality, high-pressure resistance, and good sealing form. Besides, it is not easy to leak oil.

Hydraulic Pump

The main oil pump is produced by the original Kawasaki factory in Japan. Customers can also choose to use the main oil pump produced by Rexroth. Both of these two hydraulic pumps have the function of adjustable displacement.

Based on the performance of the main components, the AIMIX concrete mixing pump has a long life span. If you want to get the full quotation of concrete mixing pump for sale, welcome to contact us for further discussion.

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