Common Concrete Pump Causes of Pipe Blockage

Anyone who is engaged in engineering knows that pipe blockage will inevitably occur during the process of pumping concrete. Generally, as long as it is operated according to the specifications, there will generally be no pipe blockage. How did the pipe blockage happen? The following factors may cause the pipe blockage of the concrete pump.
Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

Reasons for Concrete Pump Pipe Blockage

The Operator Is Not Concentrating

The operator should concentrate on the pumping construction and pay attention to the reading of the pumping pressure gauge at all times. Once the reading of the pressure gauge suddenly increases, the pump should be reversed for 2-3 strokes immediately, and then the pump should be corrected.

Improper Selection of Pumping Speed

When pumping for the first time, due to the high resistance of the pipeline, pump at a low speed at this time. After the pumping is normal, the pumping speed can be increased appropriately.

Pumping Speed Control
Pumping Speed Control

Improper Control of Remaining Material

The remaining material must not be lower than the stirring shaft, if the remaining material is too little, it is easy to suck air, resulting in pipe blockage.

Inappropriate Measures For Dealing with Small Slump of Concrete

When it is found that the slump of a bucket of concrete is too small to be pumped, the concrete should be released from the bottom of the hopper in time

Testing Concrete Slump
Testing Concrete Slump
Cleaning of Concrete Pump Pipe
Cleaning of Concrete Pump Pipe
Concrete Segregation
Concrete Segregation

Too Long Downtime

It is not advisable to continue pumping the concrete that has been initially set after the shutdown time is too long.

Pipes Not Cleaned

After each pumping, if the pipeline is not cleaned, it will cause the tube to be blocked during the next pumping.

Blockage Caused by Segregation

When concrete or mortar meets water, it is very easy to cause segregation. Sometimes when the mortar is being pumped, pipe plugging occurs.

Changes in Temperature

In summer, the temperature is high. The pipeline is exposed to strong sunlight, and the concrete is easy to dehydrate, which leads to pipe plugging.

In the actual production process, due to changes in external conditions, there are other reasons for concrete pump machine pipe blockage. If you can’t solve it smoothly, please contact our sales for solutions as soon as possible.

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