Concrete Mixer for Sale NZ

AIMIX concrete mixer for sale NZ is easy to move and assemble, and as concrete mixers NZ are ideal equipment for mixing large batches of concrete and mortar. It has excellent features of durable, versatile and reliable because AIMIX portable concrete mixer NZ comes with a sturdy frame and drum, making it rust and dent-proof. Therefore, the concrete mixer NZ is more appropriate for construction industries, such as houses, buildings, roads, highways, tunnels……

Concrete Mixer for Sale NZ

AIMIX Concrete Mixer for Sale NZ

In order to meet customers’ requirements in New Zealand, AIMIX has launches several kinds of concrete mixers for sale based on various standards.

1. As for mixing method, we can provide customers with drum continuous type and forced mixing type cement mixer NZ. The forced mixing type is JS series twin shaft mixer, which is more suitable for matching with other construction machines, such as concrete plant, block machine and dry mortar plant. While, the drum continuous type concrete mixer can work alone. We mainly offer self loading type with diverse capacities: 1.2 cbm, 1.8 cbm, 2.6 cbm, 3.5 cbm, 4.0 cbm, 5.5 cbm and 6.5 cbm.

AS1.8 Cement Mixer NZ
AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
AS3.5 concrete mixer for sale christchurch
AS5.5 Concrete mixer in NZ
AS-6.5 Self loader mixer

2. According to capacity, we can divide them into mini concrete mixer, medium concrete mixer and large concrete mixer for sale. According different capacity, you can choose an ideal one for your construction projects. For example, if it is used for rural construction – house construction, road construction, the small-medium capacity concrete mixer is enough. Otherwise, choosing a larger one for construction projects.

In terms of engines, there is electric concrete mixer NZ and diesel concrete mixer for sale. As we all know, diesel engine concrete mixer can work under harsh environment, even the areas lacking of electricity. Now AIMIX doesn’t supply small electric drum concrete mixer. We mainly manufactured the diesel self loading concrete mixer truck as follow:

self loading concrete mixer NZ

Concrete Mixer Parts NZ

Self loading concrete mixer sale NZ is a combination of concrete mixer and transit mixer. It can automatically feed, weigh, mix and unload concrete, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces production costs and time. The concrete mixer for sale Christchurch is equipped with powerful engine and 4-wheel steering function is like a small truck, and the operator can drive it to the place where it needs to be driven. It is very convenient for loading materials (such as cement, aggregate, stone). All work from feeding to unloading can be done by one operator. The main parts of the concrete mixers are as following:

1. Cab. All working processes, including weighing, feeding, discharging and water supply processes, can be controlled by buttons. There is a weighing screen in the cab to monitor and control the weighing accuracy.

2. Feed hopper. The feeding hopper is specially designed with large volume, which can ensure higher working efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a blade in the shovel, which can automatically cut the cement bag to spread the material immediately.

3. Water tank. The function of the water tank is to provide water for concrete mixing and cleaning of the mixing barrel. More importantly, the water tank is equipped with an induced draft fan to ensure heat dissipation.

4. Mixing drum. Self loading mixer can rotate 270 degrees. It will keep clockwise rotation when feeding, and keep reverse rotation when outputting paper. Therefore, the operator can control all actions through the handle in the cab. In addition, equipped with ROPS-FOP system can avoid emergent risks.

Parts of Self Loading Concrete Mixer
Parts of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

FAQs About AIMIX Concrete Mixers for Sale NZ

1. Do you have factory?

Yes, we have our own factory in China. AIMIX promises to provide equipment with best price.

2. How can I pay my order?

30% deposit by T/T,70% balance payment before delivery

3. Do you have any certificate?

We have obtained ISO9001:2008, CE certificate and Chinese Famous Brand certificate.

4. How about your warranty?

The technical support is permanent. Warranty time is one year. If there is any problem with our products, we will arrange engineers to help you.

5. What about the mixer price?

Because we have our own factory, AIMIX can offer reasonable self loading concrete mixer price. In addition, AIMIX can offer best after-sales service for global customers.

AIMIX Concrete Mixer After-sales Service
Considerate After-sales Service

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