Sending Two Units of AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixers to Armenia

Good news! In Jan. 2023, AIMIX finished the manufacturing of two units of self loading concrete mixer trucks in the factory. Then the engineer tested and debugged them before exported to Armenia. Here is the testing video that is taken for the client. Please check it below.

Testing AS-4.0 Self Loading Transit Mixers Before Delivery

  • In general, AIMIX would test the self loading mixer trucks several times before delivering them to global clients. We need to confirm that the self-loading mixers for sale have stable performance when the clients receive them and use them with lower failure rates.
  • In the AIMIX factory, we would test it under different circumstances. One is testing it without loading materials, just empty running. The other one is testing it at the construction site. The engineer would load, mix, and discharge the material to test whether the performance of each part is normal.

Exporting self loading mixer to Armenia

Why The Armenia Client Buy Self Loading Mixers from AIMIX?

It is the first time for the Armenia client to buy the equipment from AIMIX. Before making an order, he also has many worries. While he chose to trust us and decided to cooperate in the end. Here are the main reasons why choosing self loading mixers from AIMIX.

1. He has his own construction company in Armenia. Thus, there are so many construction projects to contract. He thought the self loading mixer truck is an excellent machine that can be used for many small and medium-sized construction projects. In some degrees, it has the same function as a mini mobile batching plant for sale.

2. AIMIX has exported several units of self-loading mixers to the Armenia market. The client has visited the mixers on-site. He was satisfied with the machines.

3. Considerate service. During the whole deal process, AIMIX has provided considerate service for him which he thought highly of.

AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Testing Before to Armenia
Testing AS-4.0 self loading mixer before exporting to Armenia

If you also want to invest in a self loading mixer for construction, please never miss AIMIX. Contact our sales for the latest price right now! Then our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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