Self Loading Mixer Speeding Up The Foundation Work in Ghana

When undertaking infrastructure projects, speed and efficiency are are crucial. The introduction of the AIMIX AS-3.5 self loading cement mixer has injected new vitality into customer’s foundation work projects. The advanced automated equipment not only allows for rapid concrete mixing but also features automatic loading, mixing, and transportation capabilities, significantly enhancing construction efficiency. Check how it woked efficiently through the following video:

How Does The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Work For Foundation Work?

From the above video, it can be seen that concrete is unloaded onto the construction site via a chute. Due to the distance between the raw materials and the construction site, the AS-3.5 self loading concrete truck mixer transported the concrete mixture to its destination after mixing. The client thought it was convenient to use the self loading mixer truck to transport the mixture, which could reduce the need for manual handling.

AIMIX AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Speeding Up The Foundation Work in Ghana
Self Loading Mixer Speeding Up The Foundation Work in Ghana

Positioned at a height, the self-loading mixer discharged the concrete downhill, minimizing the need for long-distance concrete transportation. After unloading, the workers at the construction sites would level the concrete.

Currently, many Ghanaian clients have purchased the self loading mobile mixers for various projects. In addition to foundation projects, where else can it be applied?

Applications of Self-loading Mixers in Ghana

AIMIX self-loading trucks have a large capacity range, roughly from 4.8 to 26 cubic meters per hour. Therefore, they can be used in various small and medium-sized projects, mainly including the following:

  • Construction: residential, commercial buildings, industrial plants, etc.
  • Road and bridge construction: urban and rural concrete roads, bridge structures
  • Water conservancy projects: used for producing concrete structures required for dams, reservoirs, channels, water treatment equipment, etc.
  • Municipal engineering: road maintenance, sidewalk construction, drainage system construction, etc.
Self Loading Mixer for Residential
for Residential
Self Loading Mixer for Building Construction
for Building Construction
For Foundation Construction
For Foundation Construction
self loading concrete mixer for seaside work
For Seaside Work

If you need to produce concrete for the above projects, the self-loading mixer in Ghana will be your best choice. Please feel free to consult us for product details at any time.

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