Self Loading Concrete Mixer Indonesia

Self loading concrete mixer Indonesia is a unique equipment designed to batch, weigh, mix, transport, and unload fresh concrete mixture on-site. The name itself clearly says that self-loading mixer is automatic mixing equipment, which can greatly improve work efficiency, and reduce production cost and time. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for concrete production. Check its models first.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Indonesia

AIMIX Construction Machines In Stock In Different Cities of Indonesia

Nowadays, the AIMIX sales team and engineers team are in Indonesia now. They would work in Indonesia for a long time. To better serve clients in Indonesia, there is a branch office for visiting. In addition, we also have developed several local agents in different cities, like Surabaya, Jakarta, Bogor, etc. Clients can visit and buy them locally. Here are some pictures of these machines in warehouses.

Self Loading Mixer In Stock In Jakarta
Self Loading Mixer In Stock In Jakarta
Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Stock In Surabaya
Self Loading Concrete Mixer In Stock In Surabaya

self loader mixer and concrete pump in Indonesia

Different Models Of Self Loading Concrete Mixers In Indonesia

In the market, there are many models of self loading mixers for sale. Mainly, the model is associated with capacities. To meet customers’ different construction demands, we have manufactured several capacities of Aimix self loading concrete mixers, including 1.8 m3, 2.6 m3, 3.5 m3, 4.0 m3, 5.5 m3, and 6.5 m3. Correspondingly, models are AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Customers in Indonesia can choose anyone according to the size of construction projects. If you use it for small and medium construction projects like, foundation and houses construction, consider a mini self loading concrete mixer – AS-1.8, AS-2.6, and AS-3.5; otherwise, you can choose a large concrete mixer loader, like AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 for building and bridge construction. If you need to consult us for guidance, welcome to contact our sales without hesitation!

AS-1.8 self loading mixer Indonesia

AS-1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Indonesia

AS-2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Indonesia

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer

AS-4.0 Self Loader Concrete Mixer In Indonesia

AS-4.0 Self Loader Mixer

AS-5.5 Self loading Mixer Indonesia

AS-5.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

AS-6.5 Self Loading Mixer in Indonesia

AS-6.5 Self Loading Mixer

Engine Power(W)929291917878
Mixer drum capacity (L)900078006000474035802680
Water tank (L)1465840920620500400
Weighing methodAutomatic hydraulic weighing system
Total weight (Kg)12520115009200790071006100
Overall size (LxWxH)8450x3050x48308450×3100×45807640×2870×47507830×2680×41707860×2750×41007300×2650×3750

Hot-Sale Model – AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer For Sale In Indonesia

Among all models of self loading mixers for sale in Aimix, the AS-3.5 is the most hot-sale concrete mixing equipment. A lot of customers in Indonesia would like to prefer to buy the AS-3.5 for their small, medium-size rural, and urban construction projects. Besides, the AS-3.5 self loading concrete mixer Indonesia price is cheaper than large ones and competitive in Indonesia market. To meet customers’ construction demands, Aimix has designed various styles according to different configurations. Thus, for the 3.5 m3 self loading concrete mixer for sale, there are several items: AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, and AS-3.5C

Main Configuration Differences:

  • AS-3.5A: 2 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back;
  • AS-3.5B: 4 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back;
  • AS-3.5C: 4 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back; The drving cab can rotate synchronously with the mixing drum

AS-3.5A Self Loading Mixer
AS-3.5B Self Loader Mixer
AS-3.5C Self Loading Mixer

Other Machine Matching With Self Loading Concrete Mixer Indonesia for Project

Actually, for a project, it is not enough to own a self loading mixer alone. There must be other machines to cooperate with. Nowadays, it is popular for customers to seek solutions for their construction projects. The Aimix self loading concrete mixer with pump is the new equipment matching to provide customers with feasible construction solutions.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump In Indonesia
Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump In Indonesia

As the name implies, it is the combination of self loading concrete mixer truck and concrete pump machine. For the rural and urban construction projects, the self concrete mixer only can produce and transport the fresh concrete mixture at the construction sites. But it is needed to be delivered to the higher and farther places. Therefore, the trailer concrete pumps play a vital role in transporting concrete materials to wherever it is unreachable. Nowadays, the construction solution has been widely used in Indonesia. Check the cases below!

AIMIX AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Indonesia and ABT40C Concrete Pump Working in Manado, Indonesia

AS3.5 Self Loader Mixer Working in Indonesia
ABT40C diesel concrete pump working in Indonesia

Working Site Of Aimix Self Loading Mixer Truck In Indonesia

Until now, Aimix has exported over 40 sets of self loading mixers to the Indonesian market. Aimix self loading mixers have covered many cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Pekanbaru, Manado, Surabaya, Makassar, Batam, Denpasar, Banjarmasin, Depok…… Some customers bought the self loading mobile concrete mixer alone; while some others chose to purchase self loading concrete mixer with pump. Most of them still keep good working conditions at the construction site. Here are some pictures and videos of Aimix self loading concrete mixers in Indonesia on-site.

1. Aimix AS-3.5 Loader Concrete Mixer Efficiently Working On-site

Aimix Self Loading Mixer On-site

2. AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

AIMIX AS-3.5 self loading mixer on-site in Indonesia
AS3.5 Self Loading Mixer In Indonesia

3. Aimix Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Pump Normally Working in Indonesia

Self Loading Concrete Mixer with Mixer Pump In Indonesia

Self Loader Mixer in Indonesia
Self Loading Mixer in Indonesia

General Characteristics Of Self Propelled Concrete Mixer

  • 1. Aimix self loading mixer machine is an off-road, 4×4 wheel drive rough terrain concrete mixing machine.
  • 2. The concrete mixer truck self loading can climb at 30 degrees with fully loading concrete mixture in the drum.
  • 3. The mixer drum can mix, produce, and discharge large amount of concrete per day for projects.
  • 4. It is fitted with an electric weigh scale to monitor the weight to ensure accurate concrete production.
  • 5. The self loading concrete mixer machine has a comfortable fully enclosed ROPS/FOPS front cab to ensure the safety of the operator.

Self loading concrete mixer In Indonesia

Working Procedures Of Aimix Self Concrete Mixer Machine

The working process of self loading transit mixer is simple. Firstly, use the bucket to load the aggregate and sand into the mixing drum quickly and efficiently. Then, the mixer drum rotates at high speed to mix the concrete mixture thoroughly. During the transporting process, the mixer drum keeps forward mixing. Arriving the construction site, it would reverse rotate to discharge the concrete mixture where needed. Here is a video of how the self loading concrete mixer to help you better understand.

Aimix Considerate After-Sales Service In Indonesia

Aimix is always committed to providing comprehensive and considerate service for customers in Indonesia. We have created a one-stop service platform to provide services ranging from pre-sale service to after-sales service. Indonesia is one of our main markets in the South East Asia area. Until now, Aimix has established six branch offices worldwide. One of them includes Indonesia. Besides, we also have a local agent in Indonesia to offer the best service for local customers. Here are the detailed addresses:

  • Indonesia Office Address: Galaxi bumi permai, surabaya 60119 jawa timur. Indonesia.
  • Agent In Surabaya, Indonesia: CV.AZARINDO NUSANTARA ADITYA TRIPA Jl.Margomulyo Indah G-4, Surabaya, Indonesia.

If you need agent contacts or need local after-sales service, please never hesitate to contact us for details right now.

After-sales Service for Self Loader Mixer
After-sales Service of Aimix Self Loader Mixer In Indonesia

Best Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price In Aimix

Self loading mixer price in the Indonesian market is diverse, higher or lower. Different manufacturers provide various kinds of self loading concrete mixer machine prices. In addition, the price is determined by different factors, such as raw material, capacity, size, components, configurations, shipping fees, and after-sales service…… Therefore, the self loading transit mixer price should be under the budget.

In general, the capacity larger, the price higher in Aimix Group. Therefore, the prices are as follows:

  • AS-1.8

If you need the exact price of one of them, please contact us for the latest price right now! Contact us through the following inquiry form, email, or WhatsApp! Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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