Mine Filling Projects in Peru Utilizing AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer

In Peru, the exploitation of mines has become commonplace. However, the frame needs to be filled after mining. It aims to optimize resource utilization and enhance safety measures in mining operations. Recently a Peruvian client sent us an inquiry for a solution of mine filling through concrete mixture.

Peru Client Using AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Mine Filling Project

Concrete Mixture Production For Mine Filling Project

The main requirement of the clients is to produce the concrete mixture for filling the mine. However, he did not know to choose which kind of construction equipment. There are two choices: concrete batching plant and concrete mixer truck.

According to the transportation requirement and budget, we recommended he consider the amazing equipment – self loading concrete mixer truck. It can equal a small mobile batching plant to realize concrete mixture production effectively.

AIMIX AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Mine Filling Project in Peru
AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Producing Concrete Mixture for Mine Filling

Benefits of Adopting A Self Loading Mixer for Mine Fill

Firstly, it is primarily employed for mixing concrete or other filling materials on-site and transporting them to designated areas for filling operations. The utilization of mobile self-loading concrete mixer has offered a streamlined solution for on-the-go mixing and transportation.

Additionally, the flexibility offered by self loading transit mixer allows for swift adaptation to changing project requirements and site conditions, ensuring optimal resource allocation and maximizing productivity.

Moreover, the application of self loading mixer contributes to improved safety measures within mine filling projects. By reducing manual labor and the reliance on multiple pieces of equipment, the risk of accidents and injuries is mitigated, fostering a safer working environment for mining personnel.

Therefore, the client was pleased with the adoption of the AIMIX self loading concrete mixer in Peru. He would recommend it to more clients in Peru. Apart from this project, it can be used for various projects, like residential construction, road construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, water conservancy project, and port construction. If you need it for the above projects, contact us and buy one right now.

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