Feedback of AIMIX Cement Mortar Pump Working in Malaysia

Recenetly, customer in Malaysia has send us some feedback on cement mortar pump working status. From the working video, we can know that our pump are working well now! It can pouring concrete mixture conveniently on construction sites. You can check the video here:

In the beginning, the customer send us an inquiry about concrete pump. After our sale have communicated with him, then we recommend him this cement mortar pump which is more appropriate for his construction project. After he made order in AIMIX, we manufactured it as soon as possible. Finally, we delivered the machine to Malaysia in June, 2020. After the machine was put into use normally, the customers sent us positive feedback in the first time. He was satisfied with our pump equipment. Here are some pictures working on construction sites.

AIMIX Mortar Pump Working in Malaysia
AIMIX Mortar Pump Working in Malaysia

Pumping Concrete on Construciton Site
Pumping Mortar on Construciton Site
Cement Mortar Pump in Malaysia
Cement Mortar Pump in Malaysia

In AIMIX Group, there are two models of cement mortar pumps for sale: HP05 and HP10. If you need elaborated information about them, please contact us withtout hesitation now! Email:

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