Delivery of ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump to The Dominican Republic

Congratulations! Another unit of diesel concrete pump was ready to export to the Dominican Republic in 2022. In the Aimix factory, the workers were busy loading the diesel concrete pump and arranging for transportation. You can check the loading pictures and videos below.

Exorting ABT60C diesel concrete pump to The Dominican Republic

Choose to Buy ABT60C Model

  • The previous Dominican client bought an Aimix concrete pump before. Last time, he purchased the small-capacity concrete pump – ABT30C diesel concrete pump first in September 2022.
  • He tried out to use a small one for one of his house construction projects to test the quality and performance. After putting it into use, the ABT30C diesel concrete pump worked normally and effectively. The Dominican client was satisfied with Aimix concrete pump for sale.
  • Thus, he contacted our sales again and ordered another unit of diesel concrete pump that is with a larger capacity – 60 m3/h. The concrete pump would be used for his other building construction projects. Because the 60 m3/h capacity hydraulic concrete pump has a further pumping distance.

Why Cooperate with Aimix Again?

Before deciding to cooperate for the second time, we asked the customer why he would choose AIMIX products again. He has listed two reasons.

First, for its high quality. After using it for several days, he was satisfied with the Aimix construction machine. Because at the construction site, there is not enough electricity supply. The diesel concrete pump still could keep working well. Thus, he chose to buy another unit of diesel one.

Second, for its considerate after-sales service. Before he began to use the hydraulic concrete pump, our sales have reminded him many times to test and debug the machine. In addition, during the operation, our service team staff patiently guided him online. He thumped us our best after-sale service.

Exporting The ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump to The Dominican Republic
Loading Aimix ABT60C Diesel Line Pump to The Dominican Republic

Thanks for the client’s trust! Providing the best considerate after-sales service is always our mission. Anyone who has purchased Aimix construction machines can get the best service. If you are interested in our concrete pump machines, welcome to contact our sales for best prices!

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