How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

How Does A Concrete Pump Work? Understanding the concrete pump working principle of a is a fundamental skill and knowledge required for operating a concrete pump.

How Does A Concrete Pump Work - Line Pump
How Does A Concrete Pump Work - Mixer Pump
How Does A Concrete Pump Work - Boom Pump

Nowadays, the concrete pumps become the main construction equipment that is used for delivering and placing concrete mixture to the specific locations through concrete pumping pipes at the construction site. Therefore, it is necessary to grasp the skill of how a concrete pump works. Here are some reasons why to know it. Check them in the following paragraphs.

Why Is It Important To Understand How Concrete Pump Works?

Understanding how do concrete pumps work is crucial for several reasons:

  • Efficient Operation

    By understanding how does a concrete pump work, you can operate it more efficiently. You will know better how to properly start, stop, and control the concrete pump equipment for sale , ensuring that the pump machines can be operated within its optimal performance range. Thereby, the right operation can help minimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance

    When the concrete pump malfunctions or requires maintenance, knowing the working principle of concrete pump allows you to diagnose and troubleshoot issues more effectively. You can identify potential causes of problems, such as cavitation, blockages, or mechanical failures, and take appropriate actions to rectify them. In this way can you minimize downtime and costly repairs.

  • Safety

    Concrete pumps can operate at high pressures and handle various fluids, including hazardous substances. Understanding how a pump functions helps you comprehend the associated risks and safety precautions. You can follow proper procedures for handling, operating, and maintaining the pump, ensuring the safety of personnel and the surrounding environment.

How Does A Concrete Pump Work

Therefore, knowing how does a cement pump work can be helpful for operators. Well, if you are not a operator, but a investor, having a better understanding of it can help you better identify the concrete pump types. Because different kinds of concrete pump have different working process. Therefore, let’s check the concrete pump types and explore how it is work together!

Different Kinds of Concrete Pumps and How Does A Concrete Pump Work?

Concrete pumps play a pivotal role in modern construction. There is a large demands for the concrete pumping equipment in the market. Therefore, various concrete pump manufacturers have launched different kinds of concrete pumps for sale. There are three types of pumps on the market: line concrete pump, concrete mixer pump, and concrete pump truck. Next I will describe each in detail and describe its workflow.

Line Concrete Pump

Line pumps, also known as trailer-mounted concrete pumps or stationary pumps. With capacity of 40, 60, and 80 m3/h, it is commonly used for small and medium construction projects.

The line pump consists of a flexible or rigid hose attached to a stationary or trailer-mounted unit. The trailer concrete pump is ideal for horizontal pumping over long distances and can reach heights of up to several hundred meters.

Line Pump Working
ABT30C Diesel Line Pump Working On-site

ABT30C Line Concrete Pump Working On-site

How Does The Line Concrete Pump Work?

Concrete is drawn into the pump’s hopper through a large hopper or directly from a concrete mixer.

The pump uses a piston system or a rotary valve mechanism to create hydraulic pressure.

The hydraulic pressure forces the concrete through the hose and into the desired location, such as a foundation or slab.

Please view the line concrete pump working animation in the following Youtube video:

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixer pump has combined the functions of concrete mixer and concrete pump into one machine. It feature a mixing drum at the rear and a pump system mounted on the front or the side of the equipment. They are highly mobile and suitable for a variety of applications, especially for small-scale construction projects. Because the mixer pump for sale has smaller capacity: about 30 and 40 m3/h.

How a concrete mixer pump work
Concrete Mixer Pump Working On-site

Concrete Mixer and Pump Working On-site

How Does The Concrete Mixer with Pump Work?

The process begins with loading the mixer drum with the required amount of cement, aggregates, and water.

The drum rotates, mixing the ingredients to produce the desired concrete consistency.

Once the concrete is mixed, the pump system is engaged, and the hydraulic system pushes the concrete through the pump’s outlet.

Here is the mixer concrete pump working video showing the work at the construction sites to help you better understand the working process.

Concrete Pump Truck

Different with the above two kinds of concrete pumps, the concrete boom pump is a pump truck that is equipped with the long boom.

The boom can be unfolded and extended to various lengths, reaching high-rise buildings, expansive foundations, or other challenging locations. Therefore, it is more suitable for large size construction projects.

How Does A Concrete Pump Truck Work?


The concrete pump truck is positioned at the construction site, typically near the area where the concrete needs to be placed. The outriggers, which are extendable legs, are deployed to provide stability and support to the truck.


Before pumping concrete, the pump system needs to be primed. This involves filling the pump system with water or a priming agent to lubricate the pipes and prepare them for the concrete flow.


The concrete mixer truck will arrive near the concrete boom pump. Then, it would discharge the concrete mixture to the hopper of the boom pump for sale.


The hydraulic system powers the pump and the boom arm, using hydraulic cylinders, valves, and pumps to generate the necessary pressure. The concrete pump draws the concrete from the hopper or mixer drum and pushes it through pipes. Concrete is pumped through the boom arm and directed precisely using remote controls. The operator starts the concrete flow, guides the boom arm, and the concrete is discharged through a nozzle or pipe for accurate placement.

The above description has been introduced in detail about how do concrete pump trucks work. You also can know how does a pump truck work through the following video:


All in all, fully understanding the how concrete pumps work can guide you on selecting the appropriate pump for a particular project. If you still do not know them clearly, please write down your requirements, like construction projects, construction site condition, pumping distances, etc. Then our sale would call you back and send you quotation.

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