Diesel Concrete Pump

Diesel concrete pump is a main kind of construction machinery in the course of commercial concrete transportation and deposition. It is motivated by diesel engine. By using it, concrete can be piped along the pipe to the pouring site. It consists of pumping body and conveying pipes. The diesel engine concrete pump usually appears in the construction of high buildings, bridges, high speed, tunnels and water conservancy projects, etc. Especially in some work only pumping function is not enough, our diesel concrete mixer pump is a great choice.

Diesel Concrete Pump for Sale

Aimix Diesel Concrete Pumps Working All Over the World

Up to now, we have exported countless sets of diesel concrete pumps for sale to our global customers, including in Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Fiji, Australia, Congo, Jordan, Jamaica, Peru, Zambia, Russia, Namibia, Kenya etc. Some customers has sent us feedback on concrete pump diesel, including pictures and videos. Most of them can work efficiently on construction sites. Moreover, the small diesel concrete pump has long service life due to equipped with advanced and high quality components. Let’s check diesel concrete pump working pictures together.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Myanmar

In May, 2020, our customers have finished debugging all construction equipment on construction sites. They began to work soon. After testing the diesel trailer concrete pump, all of them can work normally. He has sent us some pictures about diesel concrete trailer pump working.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Myanmar
ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Myanmar
Diesel Pump in Myanmar
Diesel Pump in Myanmar
ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working on Site
ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump Working on Site

ABT60C Diesel Pump in Indonesia

In 2019, our Indonesia customer chose to purchase a ABT60C diesel engine pump for his rural construction projects. He has highly praised our concrete pump machine, which has shorten the construction period.

ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump in Indonesia
ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump Working in Indonesia
Debugging Concrete Pump in Indonesia
Debugging Concrete Pump in Indonesia

Classification of Diesel Concrete Pumps

There are two types of diesel concrete pumps in AIMIX Group. One is diesel trailer concrete pump, the other one is diesel concrete mixer with pump for sale.

Diesel concrete pump trailer type is mounted on chassis and dragged by tractor. The best diesel concrete pump only has pumping function. Its wide capacity ranges, about from 40 t0 80 cubic meters per hour.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump


ABT60C Diesel Concrete Pump


ABT80C Diesel Concrete Pump


whole performance of machineMax. theo. concrete output(L./H)M3/h40/2667/4584/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)MPa10/813/716/7
Distribution valve typeS ValveS ValveS Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180×1200Φ200×1650Φ200×1800
Hopper capacity x feeding heightL/mm400/1100800/1400800/1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Power systemDiesel engine modelWeichaiWechaiWechai
Diesel engineering powerKW82129176
Rotate speedr/min220022002200
Hydraulic systemCircuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMPa323232
Mixing system pressureMPa101010
Capacity of oil tankL370560560
Other parametersMax. Theoretical Vertical/Horizontal Conveying Distancem120/500180/1000260/1200
Max. aggregate diametermmSlick/scree:40Slick/scree:40Slick/scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Total weightkg450065006900

However, the diesel concrete mixer pump ont only has pumping function, but mixing function. Due to its small capacity – 30 and 40 m3/h, the small diesel concrete mixer pump is widely used for small rural and urban engineering projects, like houses, buildings, harbors, etc. Among all models of diesel concrete pump mixer for sale, the abjz40c diesel concrete mixer pump is more hot-sale among users. Besides, the the diesel concrete pump price is reasonable in the market.

abjz40c diesel concrete mixer pump

Main Systems and Working Principle

Concrete pump with diesel engine includes mechanical system, cooling system, lubrication system and so on.

1.The mechanical system consists of pumping system, main power system, hydraulic oil tank, chassis frame body, the axle and guide wheels.

2.Our cooling system adopts wind cooling system, including water tank, hydraulic motor, fan and the hose. Its function is to adjust hydraulic fluid temperature.

3. Lubrication system is also an unique part in diesel concrete pump, whose main function is to lubricate some parts and prevent concrete or mortar getting into those moving parts during the whole mechanical movement.

Mechanical System
Mechanical System
Pumping System
Pumping System

4.Pumping system, which belongs to mechanical system, is the core system. It consists of five key parts: the hopper, the S valve, concrete conveying cylinder, water tank and main oil cylinder. The hopper, welded by steel plates, is used for storing concrete to make sure the normal process of feeding. Valve connects the hopper and water tank, in which there are two concrete pistons. Water tank is the place to store water, and it is an important connector for main oil cylinder and concrete conveying cylinder. The last part is main oil cylinder. It is plated with hard chromium on the surface in order to avoid rusting.

When the pumping system starts working, with the influence of main oil cylinder, concrete pistons begin to move. Meanwhile, the S valve start to swing in accord with the movement of concrete pistons. By connecting conveying pipe with conveying cylinder in turn, the process of pumping is completed. And then it starts next circulation.

Advantages of Aimix Concrete Pump with Diesel Engine

Here are advantages of Aimix’s diesel concrete pump for sale. Most of them aretrailer pumps.

1. It uses the dual pump and dual circuit open hydraulic system. To be more specific, the oil circuit of main pumping and the oil circuit of S valve’s swing are independent.

2. It has the function of pumping of reverse state. It is helpful for trouble clearing in time and stopping to wait materials for a short while.

3. It uses advanced S valve, which can compensate wear clearance automatically and get a great sealing performance. Usually diesel concrete pump’s valves include the S valve, gate valve, petticoat valve, C valve, and butterfly valve. Among them the S valve are frequently and widely used on account of its great performance, which is exactly what we use.

4. The wear plate and wear ring are made of hard alloy, thus the service life of wear plate and wear ring is extended. The wear plate and wear ring are important parts which installed in the S valve. They have to endure a great impact once the diesel concrete pump starts working. Thus our high-quality wear plate and wear ring ensures the machine run properly as long as possible.

S Valve
S Valve
Remote Control Device
Remote Control Device

5. It owns the automatic centralized lubrication system, which ensures enough and effective lubrication during the whole running process.

6. It owns the function of remote automatic control , which is more convenient and safe for operation.

7. All parts conform to national standards, thus it is easy to find out their substitutions.

8. The cooling system is really powerful to ensure that hydraulic system is always in a normal state.

Finally, our diesel engine trailer concrete pump has passed BV and ISO09001 International Quality System Certification and the mining concrete pumps have passed the Safety Certificate of Approval for Mining Products. They got an excellent reputation. In addition, AIMIX concrete pump diesel consumption per hour is lower. Except from diesel concrete pump, there is diesel concrete pump with mixer for sale, which meets demand of mixing and pumping at the same time. If you are interested in our products, please contact us for best diesel concrete mixer pump price via email: sales@concretemixerwithpump.com. Or filling the following chart, then our sale will reply you as soon as possible.

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