Concrete Pump in Bolivia

Concrete pump in Bolivia is an efficient concrete transferring equipment for construction projects, whether for small-size or large-sized rural and urban projects. In Bolivia construction market, In Bolivia construction market, most clients choose to buy concrete pumping machines for houses, buildings, tunnels, bridges, foundation construction, etc. Indeed, it can save lots of labor, time, and costs. Many of them have bought Aimix concrete pumps for their construction projects. Check the exporting details below.

Concrete pump in Bolivia

Bolivia Client Bought ABT40C Line Pump From Aimix

  • Capacity: 40 m3/h
  • Power: diesel engine
  • Concrete pumping distance: 150m vertically and 600m horizontally
  • Construction item: building construction
  • Introductions: After comparing so many concrete pumps for sale in the Bolivia market, the customer finally chose the Aimix concrete pump for his small building construction projects. The ABT40C diesel static concrete pump can totally satisfy his construction demands. He was satisfied with the remote-controlling function of the equipment. Thus, it is convenient and safe to operate.
  • Customer reviews: We received top-notch service from start to finish, really helpful guys, and a cheap price. Great company with the most helpful team. Highly recommended.

Checking ABT40C before to Bolivia

Bolivia Concrete Pump Checking In the Aimix Factory

Loading ABT40C Line Pump Before to Bolivia

Different Types of Concrete Pumps for Sale in Bolivia

  • In Aimix, there are three types of concrete pumps for reference, including concrete trailer pump for sale, concrete mixer with pump, and concrete pump truck for sale.
  • Clients can choose one of them according to the type of project and the size of the construction project.
  • Here is a simple introduction to each kind of concrete pump for sale. Check them one by one below.

Concrete Line Pump for Sale – ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C

  • Concrete line pump in Bolivia can deliver the concrete mixture through the pipelines. At the construction site, it keeps static status when working. Thus, sometimes, it is also named after a stationary concrete pump.
  • The line cement pump in Aimix has three standard capacities for choices: 40, 60, and 80 m3/h. Accordingly, the models are ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C. All of them are powered by diesel engines. Because the diesel concrete pump is well-received among the Bolivia clients.
  • If you want to buy a concrete pump whether small size or large size, Aimix can help customize it. Apart from 40, 60, and 80 concrete pump capacity choices, there are some other models, such as ABT30C small concrete pump for sale and ABT90C large portable concrete pump. Check these models and specifications below.

ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump in Bolivia
ABT40C Diesel Concrete Pump
ABT60C Line Concrete Pump in Bolivia
ABT60C Line Concrete Pump
ABT80C Stationary Concrete Pump in Bolivia
ABT80C Stationary Concrete Pump

Applications of Concrete Line Pumps

line pump for warehouse construction
for warehouse construction
Stationary Pump for building construction
for building construction
for Building Construction
for Building Construction
Mobile Concrete Pump For Road Construction
For Road Construction

Concrete Pump and Mixer – ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C

  • Concrete mixer with pump in Bolivia is multifunctional equipment that can realize concrete mixing and pumping function into one. It is economical concrete pump equipment that is deserved to be invested in for various kinds of construction projects.
  • With capacities of 30 m3/h and 40 m3/h, the mini concrete pump for sale in Bolivia generally is used for foundation, house, and low-rise building construction. There are two models of diesel concrete mixer pumps for choice: ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C.
  • Compared with the price of a normal mobile concrete pump for sale, the concrete mixer pump price is a little higher. Because it has an additional mixing function. Although the investment cost of a mixer pump is higher, the return is also quick and considerable.
ABJZ30C Concrete Mix Pump in Bolivia

ABJZ30C Diesel Mix Pump in Bolivia

Capacity: 30(m3/h)
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 120m
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 400m
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure: 8Mpa
  • Electrical Engineering Power: 66KW
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter: 20mm
ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Pump Machine in Bolivia

ABJZ40C Diesel Bolivia Concrete Mix Pump

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Max. Theoretical Vertical Conveying Distance: 150m
  • Max. Theoretical Horizontal Conveying Distance: 600m
  • Outlet Diameter: φ150mm
  • Electrical Engineering Power: 82KW
  • Max. Aggregate Diameter: Scree:40mm

Applications of Concrete Mixer Pumps

Mixer pump for house construction
for house construction
Concrete Pump Mixer For House Construction
For House Construction
Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump for Warehouse Construction
for Warehouse Construction

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixer Pump for building Construction In Baguio
for building Construction
Mixer Pump for Road Construction
for Road Construction
Diesel Concrete Mixer and Pump For Building Construction
For Building Construction

Concrete Boom Pump for Sale – 14m ~ 57m

  • The boom pump truck is large-size equipment because it is mounted on the truck. Thus, it is convenient to move among the construction sites. Mainly it realizes the pumping function through the concrete placing boom.
  • Compared with the ordinary concrete pump machine, its capacity for pumping concrete mixture is a little smaller. However, with the long placing boom, the boom pressure concrete pump can transport the mixture to narrow and remote areas.
  • Aimix has manufactured several models of concrete pump boom trucks for reference: 14m, 30m, 37m, 44m, 47m, 50m, and 57m. Clients in Bolivia can choose a suitable model of concrete boom truck for construction projects.
  • It is worth noting that the cost of concrete pump truck is more expensive than that of other kinds of concrete pumps for sale in Bolivia. Contact our sales for the latest price.

Aimix 30m boom pump for construction in Bolivia
30m Boom Pump
37m boom concrete pump in Bolivia
37m Boom Concrete Pump

Advantages of Choosing Aimix Concrete Pump Brand

  • 1. The concrete pump design is reasonable and compact. Therefore, it is convenient to assemble and disassemble. Besides, it is flexible and easy to move at construction sites.
  • 2. The Bolivia concrete pump adopts a double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping system with the feature of fast pumping speed, which has greatly improved working efficiency.
  • 3. A high degree of automation. The whole cement pump for sale can be operated by one person. Equipped with the remote control device, it is easier to operate.
  • 4. All hydraulic fittings are well-known brands at home and abroad with reliable quality. Accordingly, the hydraulic system greatly improves the overall reliability of the whole equipment.
  • 5. The use of fully automatic individual lubrication can totally protect critical concrete pump accessories from wear.
  • 6. The pressure of the concrete pumping outlet is high enough that can meet the needs of high-rise buildings and long-distance transportation.
  • 7. Aimix concrete pump for sale in Bolivia has the function of anti-pump, which can minimize pipeline blockage.
  • 8. It is equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication system to ensure the service life of the rotation.

How Does A Concrete Pump Work?


The concrete mixer truck or self loading mixer would pour the liquid concrete mixture into the hopper of the concrete pump. And the concrete pump would suck the mixture through the valve system and into the area where it needs to be laid down.


One cylinder pushes the concrete out of the hopper on the recovery stroke, and the other introduces the mixture into the pipe on the scheduled stroke.


The cylinders have forced pistons pushing them backward and forwards in opposite compasses. As the first cylinder pushes forward, the second cylinder pushes with it.


Pistons in both cylinders perform in inverse directions. The 1st cylinder dismisses concrete from the hopper. The 2nd cylinder forces the concrete out of the pump to where it is mandated to be installed.


The two operating pistons alternately tighten and stretch their liquid concrete volumes. The hydraulic discharge consisting of continuous concrete flow limits the firming of liquid concrete.


Last, the concrete mixture would be transferred to where it is needed through the pipelines under high-pressure pumping.

Please check the following working video that can help you have a good knowledge of the process.

Factors Affecting The Concrete Pump Price

When searching for a concrete pump in the Bolivia market, one of the significant things you would consider is the price of the concrete pump. However, it is necessary for the clients to know about the prices that differ between various concrete pump companies. Here are some factors that affect the concrete pump costs.

Aimix Concrete Pump Service

  • 1. Power origin. The Bolivia concrete pump is powered by a diesel engine and electric motor. Different engines can affect the prices. Generally, diesel concrete pump price is higher than the electric concrete pump price.
  • 2. Pumping distance. It also would influence the price. The pumping distance is farther, the price is higher.
  • 3. Capacity. The concrete pump capacity is also an important factor affecting the price. Indeed, a larger concrete pump capacity, a higher concrete pump price.
  • 4. Concrete pump brands. The brand of the concrete pump in Bolivia can influence the price ranges. If necessary, try to buy one from reliable concrete pump manufacturers.
  • 5. Service. Nowadays, many clients in Bolivia prefer to buy one from a company that can provide the best service. Considerate after-sales service can help save a lot of troubles and maintenance costs.

Apart from these factors, there are also some others for consideration. If you want to get the exact price of the concrete pumps for sale in Bolivia, welcome to contact our sales right now! Contact us through the following inquiry form, email, tel, and WhatsApp right now! Then we would respond to you as soon as possible!

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