Small Concrete Mixer for Sale

Small concrete mixer for sale manufactured by AIMIX Group has been exported to over 30 countries and applied for all kinds of concrete construction projects. As we all know, it refers to those mixers whose capacity are small. In general, the best small cement mixer for sale is suitable for small construction projects, such as bridges, parking lots, roads, urban and rural house and building construction sites. Due to its small size, light weight and affordable price, a lot of customers has invested into one or one more to get high profits. While, there are several types of concrete mixers for sale, which kind of mixer is appropriate for your projects? You can check the following models first.

AIMIX Best Small Concrete Mixer for Sale

1. According to capacity, those whose discharge capacity under 500L belongs to small concrete mixer machine.

2. In terms of engine, AIMIX has manufactured diesel and small electric cement mixer.

  • Diesel models: JZR350 and JZR500
  • Electric models: JZC350, JZC500, JZM350 and JZM500.
JZR350 Diesel Concrete Mixer

JZR350 Small Concrete Mixer

JZR500 Diesel Concrete Mixer

JZR500 Small Concrete Mixer

JZC350 Small concrete mixer

JZC350 Small Concrete Mixer

JZC500 Small Cement Mixer for Sale

JZC500 Small Cement Mixer

3. As for mixing method, it can be divided into single shaft and twin shaft small concrete mixture machine.

Single shaft mixers: JDC350 and JDC500; Twin shaft mixer: JS500

JDC350 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

JDC350 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

JDC500 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

JDC500 Single Shaft Concrete Mixer

4. Spacial type of mixer: self loading concrete mixer. It has multi functions, such as batching, mixing, weighing and discharging. Among all mixers, AS-1.2 and AS-1.8 are small concrete mixer for sale.


AS-1.2 Self Loader Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loader Concrete Mixer

AS-1.8 Self Loader Concrete Mixer

Benefits of Using Small Batch Concrete Mixer for Your Projects

Small electric concrete mixer is used at the constructions sites for getting into hard to reach areas and mixing cement or concrete. It can be either stationary or mobile, mounted on trailers or trucks for easy transportation, which can make concrete mixing easier. Here are several benefits of using AIMIX cement mixer small electric type.

1. Time efficient. A reasonably important benefit of a small electric cement mixer cheap is that it can save a lot of time and labour effort. Small concrete mixer feature small cement mixer drums. Moreover, mixing concrete and cement with electric controlling system can reduce labour and time consuming. It allows you to make better use of your time, and you can then focus on other aspects of the construction tasks.

2. Cost effective. The small concrete mixer for sale can save you money because there is no need of hiring more employees to mix the concrete by hand. Besides, you can save on material because only the right portions and amount of all concrete ingredients go into the concrete mixer drum. If you plan to use the small concrete mixer on a regular basis for your business for in instance, purchasing one is more convenient than hiring one.

AIMIX Self Loading Mixer Working in The Philippines
AIMIX Self Loading Mixer Working in The Philippines
Small Concrete Mixer Working on Construction Site
Small Concrete Mixer Working on Construction Site

About Small Concrete Mixer Price

With the increase of demand for concrete, there is also a large demand of concrete mixers investors. The price difference of concrete mixers in the market is complex, therefore a lot of customers are anxious about how to choose the right mixer. Here I have summarized several factors affecting the small cement mixer price for reference.

1. Raw material price

As we all know, different manufacturers will use various quality of raw materials, such as iron, steel and other materials. Steel is the most important material, which can improve the performance of wear-resistant. It affects the mixer price mostly.

2. Mixing quality

The quality of the concrete mixer is the main factor determining its price. As the saying goes, a penny is worth the goods. The better the quality of the concrete mixer, the higher the price will be. Therefore, consumers should not only pay attention to low-priced equipment when purchasing concrete mixers. Quality is the prerequisite for ensuring the good operation of concrete mixers.

3. The degree of automation of the mixer equipment

Fully automatic type is much more expensive than ordinary one. Generally, the more manpower is spent, the mechanics are relatively cheaper. From the long-term goal, consider the group-automatic equipment to save more. In Aimix Group, our small concrete mixers are all automatic control machine, which can greatly improve working efficiency.

There are also many other factors which would affecting the small concrete mixer price. If you are curious about the price, contact us without hesitation. Email to us:

If necessary, we will do a comparison of configuration between us and other manufacturers. We promise that our concrete mixing equipment will never let you down. Because we have more than 30 years’ manufacturing experience and got CE and ISO certificates to ensure its quality. In AIMIX, various mixers are all available: small portable concrete mixer, self loading mixer, diesel and electric concrete mixer, mobile concrete mixer etc. Select your ideal one from us right now!

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