AS-3.5C Self Mixing Concrete Truck Was Delivered to Russia

Congratulations! Aimix was ready to export another unit of AS-3.5 self mixing concrete truck to the Russian market in Oct. 2022. According to the client’s demand, he planned to buy this machine for rental business in the local area. Here are some testing and loading pictures in the Aimix factory. You can check them below.

AS-3.5C Self Mixing Concrete Truck Was Delivered to Russia

AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer for Rental Business in Russia

  • Actually, the client owned a rental company that mainly did the rental business of these construction machines, like concrete mixers, concrete mixer trucks, concrete pumps, etc.
  • To expand his business, he planned to invest in a unit of self-loading mixer that is new concrete mixing equipment for small and medium construction projects, especially for rural houses and building construction.
  • After communicating with our sales, he thought the self-loading mixer deserved to be invested because the return on investment of the self-loading mixer is relatively high. In general, the client begins to get returns after 6 months’s investing.

Testing AS-3.5C Self Loader Mixer to Russia
AS-3.5C self loading mixer transporting to Russia

Why Does The Client Buy AS-3.5C Model?

In Aimix, there are various models of self-loading transit mixers for choices. Why does the client choose to buy AS-3.5C finally? Here are the main reasons:

1. AS-3.5 self loading mixer can produce 3.5 m3 concrete mixture per batch, a capacity of about 14 m3/h. The capacity can totally satisfy local most rental clients’ construction demands in rural places.

2. As for the AS-3.5 model, there are three styles of mixers according to their configurations: AS-3.5A, AS-3.5B, and AS-3.5C. The AS-3.5C has higher configurations as follows:

  • 4 wheels at the front, 2 wheels at the back;
  • The driving cab can rotate synchronously with the mixing drum.

3. The customer wanna buy a high-configured mixer first to start his self-loading mixer business. If necessary, he would make repurchase the other models of self-loading mixers.

Loading AS-3.5 self concrete mixer and transporting to Russia
Transporting AS-3.5 self mixing concrete truck to Russia

Thus, if you also have the same intention for a rental business, welcome to consult our sales right now! Our sales would help analyze the ROI. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp. Then we would reply to you as soon as possible!

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