AIMIX ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer Pump and Wheel Loader Were Exported to Belize

Congratulations! AIMIX ABJZ40C concrete mix pump and AM912 wheel loader have been exported to Belize in March, 2021. This is the first set of concrete mixer pump delivered to Belize. However, we have exported other construction equipment there before, such as concrete plant, concrete truck, concrete mixer etc. The customer in Belize was in need of concrete pumping machine for his rural construction projects. Meanwhile, he also need a wheel loader to cooperate with the concrete mixing pump.

ABJZ40C Concrete Mix Pump
ABJZ40C Concrete Mix Pump

AM912 Wheel Loader
AM912 Wheel Loader

Fortunately, AIMIX can provide those machines for him. Therefore, there is no need of searching other wheel loader manufacturers. We have exported many sets of wheel loader and concrete pump mixer together. A lot of customers would like to purchase the combination. Indeed, it can greatly improve working efficiency when using concrete mixer pump and wheel loader together. Moreover, customers can get discounts once they buy two machines in AIMIX. Thus, why not invest in them once in AIMIX Group?

Loading Mixer Pump Machine
Wheel Loader Transporting

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