Feedback from Tanzania Client on Aimix ABJZ40C Diesel Mix Pump Machine

In October 2022, the Tanzania client sent us a video of the Aimix concrete mixing and pump machine working at the construction site. He said the pump has been used for a month and is working well now. Check the working video below.

Pouring Concrete for Foudation Construction in Tanzania

1. As the video shows, the concrete mixer pump was working efficiently on-site for pouring concrete mixture for house foundation construction.

2. After mixing, the mixture would be transported through the pumping pipelines.

3. At the end of pipelines, there would be concrete mixture pouring. Then the workers level the mixture.

How Does The Customer Find Aimix and Decide to Buy The Machine?

  • Actually, the customer in Tanzania is a contractor that has owned various kinds of construction projects. For the following project, he wanted to purchase one set of concrete pump for projects.
  • Well, one of his local friends has recommended Aimix concrete pump who has bought an Aimix machine before.
  • The customer was satisfied with our machine after checking the equipment on-site and contacted us for a quotation. And he confirmed that the mixing pump is the best choice for his project.
  • Coincidentally, Aimix has developed a local agent in Tanzania. There is still one unit of mixer pump in stock.
  • Finally, the customer decided to buy it without hesitation. Then he took it home for his construction projects.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mixing Pump Working in Tanzania
Pumping Concrete On-site in Tanzania

Overall Situation of Customer’s Project

Later, the customer immediately brought the machine to the construction site. After testing and debugging, it began to work. Here is a simple introduction to his project.

1. Project Location: Dodoma, Tanzania;
2. Site circumstances: located in rural places, insufficient power supply;
3. Project item: used for house construction, concrete pouring for foundation;
4. Customer reviews: have saved 4~5 labor. Local stock, easy to buy, very assured.
5. Used for other kinds of projects: buildings, tunnels, culverts, harbors, etc.

ABJZ40C Diesel Mix Pump Machine for Foundation in Tanzania

If you wanna invest in a concrete pump in Tanzania for the above projects, welcome to contact us for further communication. Then we would send you best quotation. Contact us through email, tel, and WhatsApp. Then our sales would reply to you as soon as possible!

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