Delivery of Aimix AS-3.5 Self-loading Mixer to Makhachkala, Russia in March 2022

Congratulations! In March 2022, Aimix exported another set of AS-3.5 self loading mixer truck to the Russian market. Until now, Aimix has exported over 10 sets of self loading mixers to Russian market in 2022. This time, the self loading mixer was ready to deliver to Makhachkala city in Russia. It is a new customer who purchased the Aimix machine for the first time. He planned to buy one for his rural building construction projects.

Delivery of Aimix AS-3.5 Self-loading Mixer to Makhachkala

Delivering AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Truck to Russia

Aimix sales advised him to choose the AS-3.5 model self loading mixer that can satisfy his construction demands. He has taken the advice and decided to buy one. Then we began to manufacture the self loading mixer in the factory within 15 days. After assembling it, our engineer would test and debug it in the Aimix factory before delivering it to customers. We needed to confirm that everything was ok. Customers could directly use it after simple commissioning. Here are some testing and loading pictures in the factory.

Delivering Aimix AS-3.5 Self-Loading Mixer To Makhachkala, Russia

About AS-3.5 Self Loading Mixer Truck in Russian Market

According to the statistics of our company’s export data in the past, a lot of Russian customers prefer to buy the AS-3.5 model of self-loader mixer for different purposes, such as for self-using, business, reselling, and construction usage…… For any purpose, it can get returns what you want. As we all know, it just takes one person in the cab to operate. Therefore, to some degree, it has saved labor, time, and costs. In general, customers begin to get returns after 6 month’s investment. Therefore, it is a piece of cost-effective concrete mixing equipment that is deserved to be invested.

Testing AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer in Aimix Factory
Loading Concrete Mixer AS-3.5 to Russia
Operating Cab of AS-3.5 Self Loader Mixer

In Aimix, apart from the AS-3.5 model, there are some other choices, like AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5. Any interest, please contact our sales for detailed information! Contact us through email or WhatsApp! Then we will respond to you soon!

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