AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Truck Started to Work in Mozambique

Congratulations! In Nov 2022, the Aimix AS-4.0 self-loading mixer started to work for foundation construction in Mozambique. It was the first time that the client imported the equipment from Aimix company. Thanks for the client’s trust and cooperation with Aimix. Here are details about the project, please check them below.

Exporting AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer to Mozambique
Exporting Self Loading Mixer to Mozambique

Why Did The Client Decide To Make An Order?

At first, he was indecisive to cooperate with us because he didn’t have experience in importing a piece of construction equipment from China. He was afraid of being cheated after paying for it. While he decided to choose to cooperate with Aimix finally. Why did he make an order from Aimix? Here are the main reasons:

1. Aimix is one of the most reliable and reputable self-loading concrete mixer manufacturers in China. We have obtained CE and ISO certificates for the self-loading mixer machine. And we have shown his these certificates.

2. Since manufacturing, Aimix has exported over 60 sets of self-loading mixers to the African market, countries like Mozambique, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. Our sales have shown him a lot of self-loading mixer exporting cases to Africa.

3. Before Aimix exported the self-loading mixer to Mozambique. We could provide one of the previous clients’ contacts for reference. The client can call him and visit the equipment on-site if necessary. Then he made an order from us with safety after he visited the mixer on-site in Mozambique.

Assembly of AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer in Mozambique

Assemling And Using

1. The customer began to assemble the self-loading mixer truck as soon as he received it. There was also an operation manual shipped with the self-loading mixer truck. The client has checked it and assembled it according to the instructions.

2. After assembly, the self-loading mixer was put into use for foundation construction normally at the construction site. The client thought highly of the quality and performance of the Aimix self loading mixer.

3. The client has owned several construction projects. He promised to make another purchase of the self loading mixer in the future.

If you are also interested in our self loading mixer, welcome to contact us without doubt for the latest price right now!

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