AS-1.6 Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer Was Exported to Mozambique

Congratulations! AIMIX AS-1.6 self loading concrete pan mixer was ready to Mozambique on 18th, Dec., 2020. This is an customized self loading mixer for our customers. As for the standard capacity and configuration, the self loading mixer is a little big for its construction projects. After communicating with him, we decide to recommend him the special self loading concrete pan mixer.

Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer
Self Loading Concrete Pan Mixer

AS-1.6 Self Loading Pan Mixer
AS-1.6 Self Loading Mixer

Compared with ordinary self loading mixer in AIMIX, the self loading concrete pan mixer is equipped with small pan mixer rather than concrete mixer drum. In this way the can self loading mixer reach 1.6 m3 capacity. The AS-1.6 self loading concrete mixer can best match customer’s construction projects. After confirmation, the customer is satisfied with the equipment, including its design, its function and its best price.
Self Loading Pan Mixer Testing
AIMIX Self Loading Pan Mixer for Sale
Driving Cab of Self Loading Mixer

AIMIX Group can help you customize the mixer as much as possible to satisfy customer’s demands. Please contact us for further details about our mixers! Then we will reply you in 12 hours. Email:

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