AJ120 Concrete Mixing Plant Was Installed in Morowali, Indonesia

Good news! Another unit of concrete batching plant has been successfully installed in Morowali, Indonesia in July 2022. The new customer chose to buy a large capacity concrete plant for sale of about 120 m3/h. He planned to invest in one for his own nickel mine industrial project in Morowali. After about one month’s installation and testing, it could produce concrete mixture on-site normally. Here are some pictures that were taken by customers at the construction sites.

AJ120 Concrete Mixing Plant Was Installed in Morowali, Indonesia

Installation Details

1. Because it is a large stationary concrete plant, the customer needs to do preparation work before installation, especially for foundation work. He just needs to do it according to the customized drawing for the concrete plant layout according to his land size.

2. Due to the large demand for concrete mixture on-site, he has bought two sets of silos to store cement and fly ash. It can ensure that providing continuous powder material is for concrete production. Because it is bolted type, the customer needs to install it horizontally on the ground. Later it would stand up with a lifting machine.

Installing Cement Silos on the Ground
Installing the Cement Silo
Erecting The Silo

3. As for a large capacity concrete batching plant, it is better to use a belt conveyor to transport the concrete mixture from the concrete batching machine to the concrete mixer. It should pay attention to the belt conveying angle of under 30 degrees.

4. The host machine of the concrete batch mix plant is the concrete mixer. Because all of the material would be transported to the concrete mixer. It should be installed in the right place according to design. Besides, the control room is better to close to the concrete mixer and easier to control.

Concrete Batching Machine of AJ120
Belt Conveyor of AJ120
Host Machine - Concrete Mixer

After installing and testing with the help of Aimix’s local engineer, it works well at the construction sites. The customer thought highly of Aimix’s considerate after-sales service and high-quality machine. Thus, he has decided to make another order for a concrete plant for sale for his next construction project. Thanks for customers’ trust! If you also plan to invest in a concrete plant for business, welcome to contact our sales for further discussion!

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