AIMIX Self Loading Concrete Mixer and Line Pump Have Arrived in Zimbabwe

Recently AIMIX self loading concrete mixer and line concrete pump have arrived in Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwe client chose to buy the construction machine combination: AS-4.0 self loader concrete mixer truck and ABT40C diesel concrete line pump for his construction projects.

line pump arrived in Zimbabwe
self loading mixer arrived in Zimbabwe

Assembly of The Construction Machines After Port Pickup

  • During the transportation, the clients always paid attention to where the machines were transported. After about two month’s shipping, the equipment arrived at the port. He was excited to receive his construction machines soon.
  • Therefore, he picked them up immediately. Then he contacted us for the installation guide. AIMIX after-sales team has sent him the installation video of self loading mixer. And the concrete pump machine needed to be assembled.
  • The client has taken some pictures during unloading and installation for reference.

assembly of self loading mixer in Zimbabwe
Unloading self loading mixer in Zimbabwe

Why Choose The Construction Machine Combination?

In the beginning, the primary requirement was a concrete mixer pump. After communicating with him, we recommended he bought the self loading concrete mixer with pump according to his construction projects. After consideration, he took the advice and decided to buy them. The main reasons for choosing them are as follows:

1. He was a local construction contractor in Zimbabwe. And he has owned various kinds of medium-sized projects, especially residential projects that needed mixing and pumping concrete mixture at the construction sites.

2. Indeed, the combination not only could improve working efficiency but save construction time and speed up the working process.

3. If the client bought the construction machine combination from AIMIX, he could enjoy a discount, which can help him save costs.

assembly of self loading concrete mixer in Zimbabwe
assembly of AIMIX self loading concrete mixer in Zimbabwe

AIMIX self loading concrete mixer with pump is widely used all over the world, like in Uzbekistan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, East Timor, etc. In general, it is popularly used for construction projects, like buildings, foundations, warehouses, etc. You can check some working videos below.

If you are interested in the combination, please leave your contacts and requirements through inquiry forms on the website. Then we would send you a quotation as soon as possible!

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